Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year

It's a new year full of wonder and adventure. What will this year hold? What will it bring? What resolutions are we going to try and succeed, or try and fail? I know that a lot can happen in a year. Looking back on this year alot has happened.

At the beginning of this year I was a stay at home mom. Now I work full-time. My children all moved up in age and sizes (quite a few). I went from having two cars to one. I went from not seeing my husband that much due to a demanding job and long commute to sharing in the commute and seeing him more often and less of the kids :(. We have had members of my family graduate from high school, have babies, move, divorce, change jobs, change hair style and color, change weight and height, some are far away and some are closer. Oh, what adventures a year can bring.

We have been on several trips this year. We've been to Palmyra, NY and the Hill Camorah. We have visited Canada, seen Niagrah Falls Canada and NY. We have been to Texas to visit family and see Jennifer graduate high school. We have been to NY city to see Bill's sister Jenny graduate college. We have been to Outer Banks, NC for our Memorial Day vacation. Bill has visited California for a work conference and Germany for work. We have been on many weekend travels exploring our beautiful country. We've been to skyline Drive to see snow and hike. We've driven to Chambersburg PA just for fun and to see where some of our favorite food are made, like the Martins brand chips, and an old candy shop that has been around since the 1800's. Fresh organic Milk from a creamery..mmmm so yummy. We have had lots of wonderful adventures in our little VW Golf. It's amazing how much it can hold and how much we've done and seen in one year. Next year we may even have more adventures.

We have family moving closer to us (within a 9 hr drive) just a weekend trip away. We have promotions and raises this year. We have our 10 year anniversary coming up this year. WOW has it really been that long! yep i guess so. We have kids changing grades and growing faster than we'd like. We have trips to plan and take. Time to spend with family and friends. More friends to make and keep. May this new year bring all the best for you and yours. I know we will try to make this the best year ever. Full of family and friends and lots of laughter. Happy New Year and Happy Adventures :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Once Again it's Christmas

Once again it's Christmas and loads of gifts with Family and Friends. I've learned that it isn't the amount of gifts we've recieved but the love given behind the gift that is important. My wonderful husband Bill and by Three awesome boys Bryen, Braeden and Mikey, gave me a wonderfully thoughtful gift that wasn't expensive but full of love. I received a picture of my three boys in a frame that was taken Mother's Day. It is a wonderful picture of the kids, smiling and happy. As well as, a Willow Tree Keepsake box called A loving embrace. My husband knows I love the Willow Tree line of figures. He felt so bad that it wasn't more. But my cup runneth over! The most important and precious thing to me is my family. The love of my husband and the love of my children. This christmas was so special! We didn't have to run first thing in the morning. We got to relax and enjoy each other's company. The kids could enjoy their gifts from Santa and mom and dad. (Yes! They still believe in Santa!). Wide eyes with a few gifts under the tree. Special one's the kids really wanted/needed. A 4-wheeler power wheels for Mikey, A computer for Bryen and Braeden(second hand but they don't care). and a nano for the older two. Not much else.... The nano's were pricy... as well as the 4 wheeler. but the rest was cheep and important for their growth and learning. We wanted the spirit of christmas to be in our home. My mother came over around lunch time and spent a few hours with the kids. They love it when she comes over. They run to her and hug her. She is such a blessing in our life to have her around them. She has wisdom and insight to things that I don't and I appreciate her calming affect on my home.

This Christmas was even more special because our Oldest Son, Bryen, was baptised 3 days earlier. It was a very special day, We invited our non-member neighbor/friends to the baptism (and they came!). We had in-active family attend. My Father-in-law spoke on the Holy Ghost and My husband was able to baptise Bryen and Gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost and confirmed him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. What a blessing it is to me and a wonderful gift that my son has decided to follow the Savior. I have noticed a change in him. I am grateful for the blessings of my Savior. We also spent Christmas Eve with the missionaries and my mother. We watched a movie called the fourth wise man. And the gifts that are important to give others for the savior. What a blessing it is to have such wonderful missionaries in our area, and to share with them the holidays in my home.

My cup runneth over for the sweet service of others and the sweet joy the savior give to us.