Monday, October 4, 2010

I have a new BLOG!

My new blog is all about cooking and my fun adventures in the kitchen. Cooking from scratch and all that goes with it. :) Join and follow. Enjoy!

Here is the website:) Add to your bookmarks and favorites for new up to date recipes, new recipes daily. :)

Recent Accomplishments

Well, As I sit here in the house as it rains outside... I am thinking about what we as a family have accomplished so far this school year. It might not be much, but it is something. Especially on days when I feel like we haven't done anything. So, here goes:

Braeden has completed his Bear achievement in Cub Scouts and has advanced into Webelos. That is a big accomplishment.

Mikey has lost 3 teeth, I at one point thought he'd have all of his baby teeth forever... as none were falling out. But now, it's like a flood of teeth falling out.

Bryen has almost completed his Webelos badge and his Arrow of Light. Both HUGE accomplishments. And he will be an 11 year old scout. Boy time sure does fly. He only needs a few more items on his citizenship pin and his understanding of what it means to be a BOY SCOUT :)

Bill has earned his RHCE (Redhat Certified Engineer) certification. This is something he has struggled with in the past, and has accomplished it at last! Way to go Babe!

I have completed two more classes I got a B- in my Cultural and Diversity class, and an A in my Healthcare Administration class. :) Yeah me, and I've started two more classes Algebra 116 and Research writing English 102. I'm a little nervous but I'm hopeful I'll do ok.

I have realized that I currently do not qualify to apply for a nursing program, so I'm adjusting and thinking that Respiratory Therapy is a good second choice. That will mean quitting online and going to an actual campus for the remainder of my college. I'm nervous about that. But still debating. I may take a few more general ed classes online, before i transfer. To limit the number of semesters I need to be away from home.

I have been getting more into cooking dinners and things at home. I feel that is an accomplishment all by it's self. As I struggle at times to even feel motivated to cook anything. It has helped writing a menu at the first of the week, to help me be motivated to cook. Now these aren't all those quick dinners that are practically premade. These are things like homemade hoagie rolls for meatball subs (and yes the meatballs were homemade too). Home made bread. Crockpot meals, and yes of course some of the premade dinners, such as pizza and hamburger helper. I am still proud of my self for even attempting to make hoagie rolls. They turned out pretty good. :)

I am thinking of starting a cooking blog, about my cooking adventures. Not sure I'll have any followers but still, a way to post my menu's, my recipes and my experiences of what we are doing here at home to help cut costs and be more frugal. My food storage has been coming quite in handy. As my freezer is slowly depleting and my pantry is getting more bare, I am grateful for the food storage I have and trying to incorporate it into our diet. It is a good feeling.

I have been grateful for the blessings that have come from these accomplishments. The knowledge gained and the feeling of the Lords hand in my life. Prayers have been answered, and spirits have been lifted.