Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time well spent

I know it's been a while since I made a post. But I've been busy. It's been really nice being with my kids and hanging out with friends I didn't use to see when I was working all the time. I've been able to catch up on a lot of things around the house that went unattended. 

I have ben able to help my kids with their homework, almost every day now. Their grades are improving. Bryen finally got a 102 on his spelling test. YEA! It's been a long time coming. I have to catch him right as he comes in off the bus... or it takes forever to do homework. We've had more successes this way than any other.  Our house has been more peaceful. it's been nice. 

I'm happy to have been able to spend time with my family and my friends. We have been very blessed. I'm looking for work now... I need to to qualify for Unemployment. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Winds of Change

Well, you might not have heard... I've been a "lucky" (term used lightly) recipient of a Layoff. Yep in these hard economic times. It's hard to see the situation as lucky. I have been very blessed with this. I know you might say,... how are you blessed. Let me explain. We were told the end of Jan or the first part of Feb. (I can't remember which) that AOL would need to lay off 10% of their global workforce... If it was broken down by department then HR (the group I worked in) would need to lay off 16 people. We had a quick call with our EVP (Executive Vice President) and he said only 10 or so globally for HR would be cut... and that it would be a hard cut as everyone is a high performer and vital to HR success. These numbers came from our parent company TimeWarner. Bill and I started then really looking at our budget and stocking up on food storage items. As both of us work for AOL it would be extremely bad if we were both cut. We looked at the budget if he was cut... We looked at it if I was cut... and if neither of us were cut... where could we save and cut costs and all that... We were really trying to be as prepared as we could for what ever may come. He luckily has been there at AOL for almost 11yrs... thru aprox. 20 layoffs unscaithed. Me I've only been there 18 months or so...Temping on and off for 10 yrs... but that doesn't count when layoffs are happening. I'm new to my department and have a huge learning curve to over come... My job is important, but can be shared thruout my small group. It would just mean way more work for them. My group was only 5, We had one employee in India, one in Florida, and then me, and one other guy and my manager. So we were a small group. It would really hurt if we were downsized... However, at our last all hands all of my team members were acknowledged for their contributions this quarter and last. I was not. I had a feeling I was just not up to par with the rest of my team. I had extenuating curcumstances... Bill's heart surgery, Bryen's issues, and my health issues.... but still nothing Exceptional to pull off... I knew they wouldn't get laid off... I would be the one let go if we were hit. I prepared my self. Mentally and emotionally... As best I could. I was hoping for a one month severance... But not hoping too much as I'm an hourly employee. I didn't know what would be the case. Well, the inevitable thing happened... I was notified yesturday that Monday or Tuesday next week would be my last day of work. I needed to transition as best I could my duties to the other members of my team by then. Well, ok. I can do this... I'll be a stay-at-home mom for my boys and go to school full time... i can do this... I've done it before I can do it again. As long as I can keep to our tight budget. All can work out. I was notified that I would get two months severance. YEA! I can pay off some debt. which will help us with our budget. We can get a fence, which is needed with the new dog, we can get her spade, we can pay off hopefully 3 pieced of debt and then we'll be in a much better financial situation. We lower our fuel... Bill only works in the office 2 days a week. Lower our Toll Road... It will be such a blessing. I can look for better deals, I can focus on my schooling and the kids better... It is just such a better thing for us. I'm excited about this new change... I'm sure there will be a transition period here at home. getting used to everything, but it will be so nice. We can really follow the council of the prophet and work on having a one income family where the father provides for the needs of his family. We are so blessed even in this time to have the blessings of a good paying job and the resources to take care of our needs. The winds of change are upon us, and we are able to weather the storm.... at least on paper... here comes the fun part... actually weathering the storm! :) pray for us... Thanks for all of your support :) Oh and yes I would work for AOL again if they had a possition for me again. But I'm just not actively looking right now. :)