Saturday, December 5, 2009

Recent Developments

Well, here's the latest on the Clark Clan. I'm still looking for work... nothing even promising on the hunt. I'm going to be starting school in January online. Yeah me! I should be finished with my associates by May of 2011. I'm going to school for an associates as a Medical Administrator. It's a start.

Bill is getting his resume ready. We are trying to be prepared, if he is laid off next year. His department said they need to get rid of 50% of their workforce in the US so we're trying to be hopeful he'll keep his job, but not sure. We'll be sending it out this week to lots of places... So if you know anyone looking for an amazing Senior Unix System Administrator. Let us know. We're entertaining all options right now. Not that he wants to quit. He loves his job. He loves working for Aol. but there is only so long you can avoid getting laid off. He's been there for 10 years +, and has been thru several (like 20) layoffs. He's riding his bike a lot these days and loves it. He's itching to go play paintball with the boys. Maybe when we go to WV they'll get to play.

Bryen, Braeden and Mikey are doing very well in school. They love it here. Mikey has to wear a patch over his left eye to help the right eye get stronger. It may take 6 months + to help it but we'll check it in 3 months to be sure it's working. Or he'll need to get surgery. Other than that they are all healthy and doing well. :) What a blessing.

We are loving living in Utah. We're enjoying our church callings and loving our ward family here. Last night we made chocolate covered pretzel sticks with caramel and chocolate with sprinkles on some. They are yummy. We're enjoying the snow we've been getting periodically. Today we're getting a good one. The grass is completely covered and so is the road and sidewalks.

We're hoping for good weather on our journey back to WV for Christmas Break. We'd like to make it 3 days, but not sure with the weather outlook. It may take us longer since the midwest is looking at lots of snow over the next several days. I just hope I can leave the house clean and laundry done. That will be a feat in and of it's self.

Well that's the update on all of us here. May you all have a wonderful Christmas. Remember the reason for the Season. Our Lord and Savior's Birth :) Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

During this time of year we typically list and acknowledge more things for which we are thankful. I see this as an opportunity to "kick it up a notch" instead of only limiting my thankfulness during this time of year. I try to post lots of things for which I am thankful for. I usually list them as blessings. I am thankful for my family, my children and my husband. I'm thankful for my Savior and the knowledge I have of who I am, where I'm from, my purpose here on the earth, and where I'm going. I am thankful for the ability to be a stay at home mom. I'm thankful for our home. I'm thankful for a great school that my children have to attend. I'm thankful for missionaries who share the gospel to others. I'm thankful for a prophet who leads and guides us on the earth today. I'm thankful for christmas music. I'm thankful for uplifting movies. I'm thankful for the internet and it's wealth of knowledge it shares with me when I ask a question. I'm thankful for food. I'm thankful for snow. I'm thankful for pies and yummy goodness that I am able to taste. I'm thankful for good health. I'm thankful for a working oven and utilities. I'm thankful for wonderful FRIENDS! I'm thankful for so much, I am thankful for YOU!

Today I have been baking up a storm! I've made 4 pumpkin pies (I tried two different recipes to see which one I like best). I made 2 macadamia nut pies (I used macadamia nuts instead of pecan since Bill's allergic). Two different kinds of Rice Krispie treats. and now ChexMix is baking in the oven. I'm going to crock pot my ham tomorrow, so I can use the oven to make rolls and green bean casserole. We'll also have homemade mashed potatoes. Shrimp cocktail and sparking grape juice. I'm so thankful for the bounty for which we have.

I am going to miss my extended family in Texas, New Mexico, Michigan, New Jersey, Boston, California, and West Virginia. I hope they have a wonderful holiday and know that we will be thinking about them. This is the first Thanksgiving we have not spent with family in a very, very long time. If ever. It feels strange. It feels very foreign. No family to visit with. No friends even to share the holiday with. If any of my cousins in Provo aren't going out of town for the holiday, you should come by. We have a feast, and have plenty to share. It's a blessing and a curse being the oldest girl of seven kids. I cook for an army.

I'm not sure if I'll be watching the Macy's day parade tomorrow. I'll be enjoying cooking :)

To one and all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blessings Daily

We have been so blessed this week even among some of our trials. I am so grateful for the Lords watchful care over us. We have had an opportunity to see if we were prepared in all things this week. We realized that we weren't, which has given us a bigger drive to become more prepared. We almost ended up being blacklisted from our bank and any other bank for up to 5 yrs. Due to our inability to manage our money properly. Scary. We had been trying for a couple of weeks to start a plan to help with that problem. We started the process two weeks ago. after we noticed our problem...We had a plan, we started on our plan, but it was a little too late. We had been notified that our bank account would be closed after 10 days, my debit card had already been canceled. I was told before that it was canceled due to it being reported lost. I was totally confused. So I went to the bank manager at the branch near my house. He looked at my account, spoke to a bank investigator about my account, and said I could open up a new account. While I was doing that. They told me that I needed to open up a new joint account with Bill. So I picked him up when I was done with my account and we went back to the bank. sigh... Ok, well here we are in the bank talking to the guy who opens new accounts. And he tells us that we are unable to open a joint account. Due to us being blacklisted! WHAT!!! and that all the accounts I just opened will also be closed. Not to mention that the next day Bill's paycheck was to be deposited into the account we were informed was being canceled in 10 days. We were told we couldn't get any money from that account and that it would be sent back to his company. (more heart-attack), Well, were trying to get definitive answers on the situation that is exploding in our face. We understand we have a problem and were trying to fix it. But this was way too much for us to comprehend. deep breath. Ok so we get the branch manager back out to see if he could give us a straight answer about our account and what to expect. We were in a heap of trouble. Bill's that needed to be paid and the thought of not being able to get our money to pay them was a scary thing. The thought of being homeless was too much to think about. We stayed calm and said many a silent prayer that we would be able to resolve these issues quickly and that we would be able to still take care of our family. The bank manager was able to figure out what had happened, we were able to get things resolved. We had to close one of our accounts, but would still be able to get our money out of it and still be able to keep the plan we were working on to eliminate our issues. With the help of prayer and faith, and the diligence and kindness of others were are no longer blacklisted. We were able to resolve our issues at the bank and were able to open up the accounts we had needed . Tragedy averted. We are even more determined then before to be better stewards over the money the Lord has blessed us with. We are so blessed

The boys are over their illnesses. They are doing well in school. We had parent teacher conferences this week, and they all did well. Their teachers said that they are all so very respectful. They wish all of their students were as respectful. That brought a tear to my eye. That is something that I am so grateful of that they are so good in their classes. They all have a few areas they could be working on, but that area is not one of them and I'm so grateful for their respect for their teachers and other classmates. It is truly a blessing.

We had a great day at church today. It was stake conference. The talks were so wonderful, the choir was heavenly. I am grateful for the blessings of the Temple. We are more determined to make it a regular part of our lives. We are grateful for a loving, inspired Stake presidency and bishopric. I am grateful for the friends we've been making here in Utah. We have been so very blessed to be here. I hope you all will see the blessings of the Lord in your life and praise him daily.

Monday, November 9, 2009

November Update

i have been really enjoying my cub scouts calling at church. We made clown hats from paper bags for our activity last week. It was so much fun :) Our theme this month is Under the Big Top :) So we're going to be clowns and we'll even have a strong man, one of our cubs :) I'm excited for our circus on Nov. 19th. We are going to make cars from boxes for our skit next week. :)

The boys got their report cards on Friday, I'm pleased with the results. Braeden and Mikey did very well. Only a few areas to work on. Bryen is still struggling, but not as bad as I thought he would. Today I have an appointment with his teacher to talk to her and to hear from Bryen about his first term. they don't do grades here, If they get a 3 then it means that they are at or above grade level, if they have a 2 then they have areas where they need help to get up to grade level, and a 1 is needing extreme help, and no where near grade level. Bryen had several 2.5's and 2.75 and a couple of 2's, a couple of 3's, not a single 1 so I'm ok with that, We'll continue to work with him on his areas of needs. But he has a great support network at school and at home, I know he can do it. I'm proud of all of my boys and their efforts towards their education. Bryen was suggested by his last school to be held back. But I think he's doing very well.

I just got a "new to me" couch set. I'm very excited because I now have plenty of seating in my living room. No more need to use folding chairs. :) took us long enough to get extra seating. Now to get a new table/chairs for the kitchen :) maybe next paycheck, The table and chairs I want to get are at Ikea... I can hardly wait to get those :)

I've been using my crockpot a lot lately. I made a brisket in it for dinner last night, it was sooo yummy. and then I tried again to make a hashbrown casserole but it was a flop. :( I'll keep trying, I just have to figure out what I'm doing wrong to get it to work. I am thinking of making cream cheese chicken later this week in it.

Bill is doing well still at his job. We are still blessed to have a job. I'm still looking for work. But we are making it on Bill's income so I'm not complaining. I have really enjoyed being home with the kids. I've been helping in the Library and in their classes :)

I may be able to spend Thanksgiving with my sister Katy in New Mexico, She is still waiting to find out what days she has off of work so we can plan accordingly. I haven't spent thanksgiving with her in over 11 years. Pretty sad if you ask me. I love my sister very much. We talk almost every day. Who would have thought with the way we were when we were kids. We got along ok, but not the best of relationships. I'm glad that we talk more now.

I have been so very blessed, I am grateful for the blessings that we have been given. My wonderful husband, and amazing children. The ability we have for me to be able to stay home with the kids, and for Bill to be able to work from home. For the knowing that we are Loved and our relationship with family and friends. We are also so very grateful for the Saviors sacrifice for us and our personal relationship with him. I'm so very grateful for our trials that bring us closer to the Savior and each other. We are so very blessed. All we are and have is from Heaven. Praises be unto him. :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

She's gone :(

Joi is officially at the breeders now. :( They said she's doing well and made the trip well. She has been well behaved around the kids, for which I'm grateful. The breeder is going to try to fix Joi's ear, and try to bulk her up, as she's too skinny. She will work on training her and then finding a new home for her. :( I hope she knows how much we love her and wish her well. Joi is better off where she is now. I need to keep reminding my self this. As much of a headache she was for us. We still loved her very much. It will be an adjustment getting used to her not being here. But, I know it's better this way for her. Now to try to move on. We need to clean up the yard, all the poo and trash from Joi. Sell the kennels and other dog stuff we have.

We are down to one pet... and will stay that way. Happy Halloween :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

More winds of change

Well, here we are we made it almost a full year with a dog... what a feat in and of it's self. However, Joi is now on her way to Indianapolis IN. She is going back to the breader we originally got her from. It is expensive to fly a dog... can I just say... wow. crazy! We were having such a hard time getting the boys to follow the training instructions with her. Everytime we'd tell them... don't yell at her, talk normally to her, don't all tell her a command at the same time... one at a time. on and on and on it went... they didn't listen. She kept jumping on everyone. She wouldn't stop pulling on the leash. WE tried everything. Nothing worked. We had to get the prong collar and even then she tested it alot, then she would just jump on us. She would eat her leash and everything. What an adventure. She is about to have a wonderful experience being trained by a professional... and one who loves her so much. WE are so grateful for the breaders (our friends) who trusted us with her and are willing to accept her back and know that we love them and her. So now what is in store for us.. well, we'll just be a one pet family for a long time. Socks the cat is perfectly fine being an only animal. He I think prefers being the only one around.. pet wise that is... :) He's a good cat.

The boys had "Storybook Day" at school aka Halloween celebrations... They dressed up and had fun. The catch with the Storybook day was that they were allowed to dress up only if they had a book they were associated with... Let's just say... The boys had a blast... Bryen was a Zombie... his book Zombie Zone from A to Z Mysteries. Braeden was a Pirate... his book was Pirates from Magic Tree House the companion book to Pirates at High Noon. Mikey was BumbleBee from Transformers... Can you guess his book? His book was Transformers Animated... What fun. I volunteered in the Library and was from the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs... An egg on a Tree :) I know cute right :) I would go to class rooms and ask them What book am I from... and they all said Green Eggs and Ham... :) but only thing was I wasn't green :) Those are our costumes for Halloween. Bill will be Bacon. yea I know... cute. Together we are Bacon and Eggs :)

Now to sell off the Dog stuff we still have, and start saving for christmas. I'm hoping to visit Katy in New Mexico for Thanksgiving but still waiting to hear about her work schedule. I'm gonna start on my book. Continue to look for work and volunteer at the school. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Swine Flu?! Oh yea that... We got it too

Well, Here I thought we'd be able to miss this whole Swine flu thing. Well, not so much. Mikey shows up with Swine Flu, Friday night, Yea I know.... I sent him to school with a cough... that's it.. no fever, nothing, just a little cough. Well, he comes home from school and just sits on the couch. Not talking, not moving, looking miserable. I go check on him and he is burning up. I check his temp... 101.4 I send him with Bill to the Dr.'s office right away. I'm thinking we'll still get a date. It's just a cold. No biggie right... NOT so Much. I get a call from Bill. Poor thing has H1N1... So they get his cough medicine and are sent home. And I'm told that he can't return to school for a week. R U kidding me... Well, okay. No date night. No enjoying the beautiful fall weather on Saturday... And no going to church on Sunday to find out who the new Bishop is. I'm still home with Mikey, who by the way as of Sunday... has no fever at all. barely a cough... I would love to send him to school on Monday... He seems fine. But Bill informs me that the CDC says that he has to stay out of school a full week. Ugh.... So this week, No volunteering at the school. No Cubs... I'm hoping I can go Visiting teaching... I'll leave Mikey at home. This stinks... I'm praying and hoping the other two don't come down with it. As the coming saturday is Halloween... and it would totally stink if they had the H1N1 on Halloween. I'm becoming a little psychotic about washing their hands... but it's the best defense against it. oh well, Do I go shopping for costumes yet? or wait. I guess that is the question. Do I also buy candy for Halloween? I'd hate to get stuck with all that stuff... Hmmmm What to do......

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

plugging along

Well, we are plugging along, we went to the Zoo last week, it was very nice, but cold outside, I feel like I live in the Dr.'s office these days, Bryen has had a skin infection on his eye... celulitus of the eye.. (sp?) He had to get an IV for heavy duty medication, and we had to go back three times for doses. Braeden hurt his arm on the playground and needed X-Rays. (he's fine nothing broken just bruised). And then today, Bryen got hurt playing wall ball at school with his friends. He's fine, just a little bruising on his arm... He'll go back to school tomorrow. Mikey is the only one so far that hasn't needed any medical attention in the last two weeks. (Cross my fingers it stays that way) I hope they stop getting sick and hurting themselves. I'm running out of Flexben. i need it to last til the end of the year, with Bill and Bryen's meds. We are in the process of selling our house in WV. It's getting appraised this week, and then it will be listed. We have decided to short sell our house. The current renters are looking into purchasing the house. :) I hope they can. It would be awesome. Bill is doing well, He and I both need to exercise more... we're working on it. Joi is going to be going back to the breader within the next two weeks. We have tried to train her and she just isn't doing well. We have decided to not have another dog for a while. We need a break. We still have our cat. He's doing well. I finally got a calling at church on sunday... I'm now a Cub Scout Den Leader - Wolf's :) yeah. I'm excited and overwhelmed at the same time. this is a great Cub Scout Program. I hope I can do it justice. We will only have 2 boys in my den for most of next year and the rest of this year. But hopefully it will grow after that. We are going to be traveling back to WV for Christmas, We are looking at driving ( I Know crazy huh:?) Well, it's too expensive to fly. I hope the weather cooperates with our drive... I don't want to get stuck in Wyoming or Colorado. Depending on which way we travel. i'm hoping i can visit with some family for thanksgiving. Either my cousins if they arn't going home from BYU, or visit with my sister in NM. I haven't spent a thanksgiving with my family in 11 years. I think its time. We had a great Conference weekend. We drove around and listened to Conference on the Radio. it was really nice. WE stopped in Park City and walked around in between sessions. On our way home we found an AWESOME authentic NY Pizza joint in Sugar Hill. It's awesome Este's is the BEST... outside of NY that is. Great atmosphere too. I've been canning somemore too ... I helped can about 14 dozen jars of applesauce. I got to take home 5 dozen :) The boys like all the canning and stuff I've been doing here. It's been really nice to learn new things and have the time to learn them. I am still missing my friends in WV, Helen, Jovan, Carolyn Hall, Erin Whitcome, Janea Barnes.... just to name a few. I'm trying to make friends, but everyone here seems really busy and already have friends or family close by so I'm kindof not fitting in very well. When we went to the Zoo, we ran into one of our friends we made in Indiana... The Blanchards (Doug and Debbie)... They are awesome people, unfortunately they live down in Spanish Fork, about 1.5 hrs away. :( I hope we can visit with them soon. I'm still looking for work, and collecting unemployement... but i'm not in too big a hurry to actually get another job. I am trying to enjoy being home and available for my family. And since I don't have a degree yet... I'm pretty sure it will be a long while coming finding a job. Even though I have a TON of experience. I don't have a degree so I've been told that due to the lack of education, I'm no longer a candidate. oh well, that has to wait too. :) Bill is loving working from home and we are enjoying him being home. :) i hope he keeps his job. He just got his 10 year award from work. :) It's hard to believe he's been with AOL that long. thru all their ups and downs. :) I hope we can continue to work with them. We love them and think they are an awesome company to work for. I really enjoyed working there too. :) Well that's what's going on here. plugging along and staying strong :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Catching up

Boy, I guess it's been awhile since I last posted. Things have been good, crazy and fun. We've had good times and bad. It's been a whirlwind for sure. Let's see where do I start. Bill has been really enjoying working from home. The kids started school on August 25, 2009. They really love their teachers. Bryen is in 4th Grade and has Ms. Bagley, Braeden is in 3rd Grade and has Ms. Turnbow, and Mikey is in 1st Grade and has Ms. Lindsey. They are doing very well. I still have not found work, which is ok. I'm enjoying being home. I've been doing a TON of canning. I've made several kinds of jellies, and canned peaches and pears. I'm working on Salsa and green chili's. My father passed away Aug. 11, 2009 in Temple Tx. So we had to make a trip there. Bill's grandmother just passed away, he is currently in WV/VA. He returns Monday, Sept. 21. Joi is doing well, she is getting so big... Still a puppy, but you wouldn't know it looking at her. She is getting so big. I've made a few friends, which is nice. Still no one like in WV... But I'm hopeful. I've been active in the Ward Choir. I have a solo part in an upcoming performance at church. it's a small part ... with the choir. But I'm trying to be brave. It's Love at Home... I love that song so I should do ok. We sing in Church on Sunday... Master the Tempest is Raging. It's a hard arrangement. I just pray the angels are singing with us. We still mess up on a few parts. When I was canning some peaches two weeks ago with a couple of sisters in the ward... WE canned 216 jars of peaches in one day... crazy huh? yea I know we're nuts. But my friends peach tree runneth over and she didn't want them to go to waste. Braeden just loves them. He eats peaches almost every day. I ended up with 3 dozen quart jars full of peaches from that day. and about 5 other dozen from my other canning days. :) I learned you can make jelly out of the peach pits. It's called peachstone jelly. It's yummy and has a beautiful color. I am thinking I didn't cook it long enough to thicken the way it should have, so I ended up mostly with peachstone syrup. :) which is still yummy. I need to find a use for it besides on pancakes.. I'm thinking of mixing it with peaches in a peach cobbler. I will have to try it and let you know how it goes. I love being out here with all of the case lot sales. Lots of great deals on cases of food. I've been able to build up some of my food storage easier here than before. They even sale things at walmart in the Food Storage section in Bulk.. like Big 50lb buckets of cocoa, flour, sugar, wheat... etc... #10 can's of dried fruit, freezedried meats and veggies. It's awesome. The people in our ward are awesome. The scouting program here is awesome, Bryen got is Bear this last week and Braeden got his wolf. We are so happy for such an active and involved ward/scouting program. The school is a Gold Medal School. Columbia Elementary is so good, we couldn't have asked for a better school. We still miss our family and friends in WV... But we are grateful for the blessings it has brought our family living here in Kaysville UT. I hope to visit with my cousins now that they are back at school in Provo. Hopefully we can get together for sunday dinner soon. We have even taken a few trips, one to Antelope Island, and to YellowStone National Park. It was so cool. Bill's parents came to visit us. We drove thru the Teton's as well. It's been so much fun this summer. We are thinking of trying snowboarding and skiing this winter since we're here in Utah, with the best snow on earth. :) That's the download of what is currently going on. I'll try to stay in touch better.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Far

Well, lately it's been interesting trying to get into a schedule with the kids. We started chore lists this week. Some days are successful others a flop. The boys had Cub Day camp on Tuesday which they absolutely loved.. We found a theatre that has dollar movies on Wednesdays in the AM for charity. The boys have started making new friends, and are enjoying the multiple parks around our house. It has started getting hot here. So staying hydrated and covered with sunscreen are our priorities. For Fathers Day Bill wanted to go to Antelope Island and explore, so we drove there after lunch and church. It was a nice day. We saw Bison and antelope, and put our feet into the Salt Lake, It was yucky... But we did it anyways. It was really low when we went. Bugs were everywhere. and the brine shrimp were smelly... Other than that it was nice. We posted a few pictures to our facebook accounts. We are in a great ward. We are starting to get to know a few people. but it's hard breaking into a new area. So far so good.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A new day

So here we are... Our first Sunday in our new ward. It was very nice. We met alot of people. I can't remember everyone but luckily we have a map as to where every one lives. Our ward consists of 3 streets. Crazy huh?! It is kind of neat. Some one handed Bill another ward list and then people preceded to point out which house was theirs. So we have a name, a house and a map. I still can't remember who everyone was that came up to us. I'll get it over time I'm sure. I'm grateful to be so close to so many members. I remember back to my days when I lived in Provo and our apartment complex had three wards during the school year and two during the summer terms. It was great being so close to everyone. I hope it will be as fun as it was then. Just with less transition. We have I think like 1 part-member family in the entire ward... and maybe even one non member family. It's definitely different. It is a great opportunity to be surrounded by so many members. We are looking forward to also being so close to the temples. We can go at least once or twice a week. (that's my plan anyways). Bill needs to still apply to Weber State for the fall semester, before it's too late. We need to register the kids in school here, and figure out what summer programs there are here so the kids have stuff to do during the day while Bill is working from home. Our ward has primary/Relief Society/Priesthood first, then Sunday school, and finally Sacrament meeting. I like it better that way so that we have no excuse to miss the sacrament. The kids really had fun in Primary too. It is going to be a great ward. WE are so excited to be here and for these experiences. We have been so blessed. It's amazing how far we've come in a year. This time last year we were gearing up for Bill surgery and I was worried about our future. I'm grateful for the blessings the Lord has showered upon us. All in his due time.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a rollercoaster... is it time to get off yet?

ok, ok, i know it's been a while since I've posted last. Possibly over a month... so lets see what I can fill you guys in on what's been going on here. Lets see...

About a month ago my friend Jovan Hernandez had a baby girl... She is perfect. I was able to be there at the delivery and help her thru it... it was an amazing experience. Her name is Ava-Miley. She weighed 6 lbs. and 1 oz... a week later they moved into our home as we were getting ready to move out. They moved in May 20th... We didn't leave the house until June 4th and WV until June 6th... Busy busy house. We worked together as best we could and I don't think it was too bad. We all survived. We stayed the last two days with my in-laws at their house so they could spend more time with the boys before we left.

The boys finished school and are doing well. Bryen has now been diagnosed with ADHD and Bi-Polar. What fun!!! more meds and doctor visits for that. But is seeming to do much better off the Anti-depression meds he had been on since Dec. He's now on a ADHD med and Bi-polar med that are making it easier to handle him. We'll see how long that lasts. I need to still schedule him with a Therapist and Psychiatrist here in Kaysville or close by. Braeden is doing well and got a principle's award. Mikey graduated from Kindergarten.... All are looking forward to their new school year and their new school.

Bill's job allowed him to work from home full-time. Yeah!!! He was able to order new equipment and have it shipped out here to UT. He has off until June 15th then starts working here at home full-time. YEAH... I just now need to get him a nice desk and chair since he'll be doing alot of time in the basement. He is enjoying the time away from work, even though it was a tough move in 3 days here to Utah.

Oh the move... you want to hear about our move... ok, let's see. We packed the truck on June 4th with some help from the missionaries and brother Hall for about an hour... Then Vinney Hernandez and Us finished loading the truck... oh yea did I mention... IN THE RAIN?! yes it was rainy when we loaded the truck... what fun that was. Then we left it in the drive way while we went over to my in-laws and slept there. While there we tried to rest on June 5th but had alot to finish and do before we could leave. My brakes needed checked out (since we were going a long distance and over mountains). WE had to make sure we had everything from the house. Get Joi groomed(so she didn't stink on the trip). Drop off our bed to my brother who bought it from us... He was sleeping with his new wife on a twin bed... they needed it really bad. tried to see some friends before I left(didn't really work out :(, ) Then when we got home from running around like a chicken with it's head cut off... Bill's parents wanted to go to a movie with everyone before we left. So we saw UP... It is such a cute movie... I want to own that one. We get home around 9:30 10:00pm... then have to make sandwiches for the trip since we were limited on funds... and pull together all of the stuff the boys had pulled out of the suitcases and run laundry... we didn't go to bed until 1:30am.. We were to leave by 8:00am... didn't happen... We needed to say goodbye to Bill's parents... then my mom called and came over we didn't leave my in-laws until 10:30ish... then Bill remembered we didn't have the hand truck for the appliances.. that we rented so we had to pick that up from Jovan and Vinney's house. By the time we got there... Sock's the cat pooped in his kennel and it needed cleaned out (it's only a 15 min ride there). So we cleaned the kennel, Got the hand truck and thought we were ready to go... Bill left the cat out in the cab of the truck... not 5 min on the road... the cat climbed on Bill's lap and pee'd on him. LOL... right... it's just funny... Bill was upset... but it was funny.... :) so we pull over on the side of the road, get Sock's in his kennel, and Bill changes his clothes in the back of the moving truck, all the while, people stopping to see if I need help... One guy stopped by and asked if we had any cigarettes. We said no and he went on... funny right... So finally we get back on the road. We are heading out of town.... we have to pull over several times to either let the boys go pee or the dog go pee.... The truck went only like 35 mph up the mountains in WV.. so it took us 16 hrs to go from Martinsburg WV to Decatur IL... That was our day 1... we got in VERY LATE... luckily we crossed over in to the Central Time Zone so it was like 2am instead of 3am... again we wanted to get a early start on the day... didn't happen...we get in... I can't keep my eyes open.. Luckily my mom called at the right time and talked to me until I got to the hotel. It was sooo hard. I am so grateful for my mom and her inspiration.... All the while my youngest sister is in the hospital having a baby in TX... So my mom was on the phone with her and me on and off during the trip. So in the morning we're up by 8am... so we can get going... we get down to breakfast so we can eat before we go... that takes about an hr with the boys. Then Bill want's to print out the directions for the next leg of the trip.. .we clean out the car, feed the animals and have them go potty... We don't leave again until around 11amCST. sigh... deep breath... nothing I can do about it. We arn't on the road more than 4 min when the boys and the dog are having to go to the bathroom. We pull over and let them go... the dog pee's a little then wants to play... the boys piddle a little and want to play... I'm exhausted... So Bill and I get in a little tiff about not stopping every time someone says they have to go potty or the dog whines (which is her way of saying she has to go). And we need to get on the road.. Mind you I'm following Bill's Yellow Penskie Moving truck... Going soooo ssssllloooowww... I'm even more tired I just want to get it over with... So While I'm waiting for him to take his time getting ready to go... I leave and get on the road... I get a call and he tells me that I'm not being a team player and how dare I leave without hime... I am so at the end of my rope... So I pull over and wait for him.. another 5min or so... then pull in right behind him. We finally pull off and I drink some 5 hr energy drink... yucky stuff... but it worked. I was able to stay awake... much better. We finally pull into North Platte, Nebraska from Decatur, Illinois... It was another long long long trip... Nebraska is never ending... trying to out run tornadoes and thunder storms... the kids were freaking out with all the tornadoe warnings and watches on the radio... what fun... we out run luckily the tornado stuff and things start clearing up... we get in LATE... like at 1 or 2 am again... they ask if we want a later check out I told them no that we had to get back on the road and make it to UT... We missed breakfast... but we got out of there by 1030am.. then stopped at sonic for breakfast... then got back on the road to finish driving thru Nebraska and Wyoming....and finally Utah. We got in here after a LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG drive in the dark on whindy, construction thin roads from 80 to 84 to 89 in Utah... We went about 35 up mountains... Hit snow in Wyoming at 8945 feet elevation. Rain and threats of hail... what a trip. We got in around 3am Mountain Time. FINALLY EXHAUSTED... we made it... We fell asleep and that's all we could do... We got up around 7am to try to unload the truck... we went and got breakfast at McDonalds and then came back and started unpacking the truck... We got about half way done when neighbors started showing up around 12ish, 1230.. They helped and finished it getting unpacked in like 30 more than an hr... Amazing... We met several people from our new ward, which by the way is like 5 blocks.. Our church building is 7 blocks from our house... All of our neighbors are members except for a few that are inactive or non-members. I can't wait to meet them. The boys had Cub scouts 5 houses down... Choir practice on Sundays is a few doors down the street... I'm still amazed. They are full bore in to scouting here. They meet on tuesday mornings during the summer and have lots of fun things planned for the boys. Bryen's Class in the Bears has 10 boys in it... Braeden has several boys in his too... They've already made friends. YEAH!!! We are 2 blocks from a cool park and 7 blocks from a botanicals garden with fishing. (it's across from the ward building). We've started unpacking and I'm at a standstill until I can pick up some more furniture.(As we got rid of everything except a couch and the boys beds. I was able to find the Deseret Industries (DI) Thrift store and got a kitchen table with a leaf for $12. and a Baker's rack or $8. Still need chairs and other things. but it's a start. We are finding our way around pretty good. We have received about 7 ward lists from people coming by to visit. If it will stop raining I can actually walk the neighborhood and walking path right by my house with Joi. We have a great yard and awesome view.. I'll post pictures soon. That was our "fun" trip (term used lightly). We have been blessed with safety and peace. We'll keep you posted on our life here in Kaysville, UT... if your ever in the area... look us up and stop by for a visit. Miss everyone in Martinsburg and VA. All our best.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

clarity in chaos

Here i am living my last two weeks with my good friends the Hernandez family. We have an extra 7 people in our home. We've moved out of our room and are all sharing one room, my kids and my husband and I. We are grateful for the opportunity to share this time with our friends. So here in this chaos we are still calm and certain in our decision to move to Utah. We are so grateful for the Lords blessings in this decision. We are excited about the new opportunities that await us there in Utah. It almost seems as if it can't come soon enough... we love our friends but are so excited we can barely stand it. We will miss all of our friends in WV and VA, If your ever in UT please come and visit us. We love visitors. 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

busy busy bee

I've been so busy,... trying to pack for our big move. Helping my friend with here three kids while she's in the hospital having #4. And trying to be there for her since she wanted me there at the hospital for her for moral support. Bill has been amazing thru all of this. He has been helping a ton with the kids and with meals and all that.... I couldn't have accomplished all that has been done with out him.!!! THANKS BABE! I LOVE YA!

My friend had her baby on May 13 at 2:31 am. 6 lbs. and 9 oz. the most perfect little angel. She is such a good baby. I never hear her cry. Her name is Ava-Miley Cecilia Hernandez... she is the sweetest. Now that the baby is born... I've been hard core packing. all laundry has been washed... except for the blankets and I've started on those. The kitchen, living room, and front room are completed, boys beds taken down and moved to garage, toys boxed, clothes starting to get boxed up, couch in the garage. Its starting to look like we're really moving.

While I've been a crazy packing machine. Bill took the kids to the beach to spend some time with their grandparents. They left on Thursday this week and got back tonight around 830-
9ish... come to see my husbands HORRIFIC sunburn... blistered, purple looking... aweful!!! I'm certain he needs to go to a burn unit... he insists that he's fine. Hey people can die of skin cancer can they not?! but I can't carry him kicking and screaming to the dr's office. He's too heavy. So I try to put some aloe on it... screaming occurs... so I try to see if a friend has any antibacterial burn ointment.... to no avail.... so now we're still home no meds, miserable. trying to see if he'll let me drive him to the urgent care tomorrow morning... Well, that was my fun crazy week. I hope you had fun. :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In an amongst our getting ready to move, we are inundated with baseball. You may say yea right... but let me tell you... we are literally booked solid... not a free saturday until the day we move, and several games and practices every evening til we move. The only packing will be done during the day while everyone is at work. it's crazy I feel so alone. it's hard. i feel so uninspired to even clean the house. It might be partly feeling overwhelmed and a slight lack of desire.  I know i'm pathetic... But it's frustrating knowing that it's all on my plate if this happens or doesn't. Bill keeps saying... Are we moving or not... Like it's all my choice. I just look at him and then leave the room. I'm tired. I'm more motivated if someone is here to help. or just for moral support. They don't have to do anything just their mer presence helps motivate me. Well, The boys get home from school in an hr and I need to clean the kitchen and get dinner started, this is the last night they have scouts as baseball games are every tuesday thru the end of the month and even into June. As well as Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays... heck all week long. The only day there is no Baseball is Sunday. I'm not complaining. But I do know the lord will help me to get motivated so we can finish. Here is to 5 more weeks til the move. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Catching up

ok,... I've had a hard time writing since getting laid off... I'm not on the computer much anymore. But so much has happened since I've been laid off. We have had so many blessings and challenges... But we know that the Lord is by our side thru all of it. But in the end even the challenges are blessings, for they help us to learn and grow. So.. Where do I start?

Well, Lets see here... A few weeks ago decided that with my severance money that we would take a good vacation. Which we desperately needed. Bill had this HUGE pull to take the boys and I out to Salt Lake City, which is where he went on his mission. He hadn't been back since he went on his mission over 10 yrs ago. So we made the decision to go... We called some family and friends and set up to visit with them on the way out and then make our way to Utah. We had all of these really great plans. We even were contacted by another friend that was coming out to visit other people here in VA and we would have a house guest here to watch our house, since we were going to be gone over a week. It was all working out wonderfully. We were feeling very good and blessed. We even had the money to fix up our vehicle so we would not have any worries about how it would perform on the long journey. So, fast forward to the day before we are scheduled to leave on our trip... I pick up our friend who is supposed to stay at our house while we're gone. I pick her up at the airport, then drive over to the Carmax to pick up our travel vehicle that was having some minor repairs done before our trip. Then we were supposed to drive in a caravan back to West Virginia, She had told us she knew how to drive a standard vehicle... we trusted her. Come to find out... she didn't... She put the car in 3rd gear and gassed the car and took her foot off the clutch and killed the car... several times. eventually the car stopped moving with a large black puff of smoke and nasty smell coming from the engine. We were dead in the water... and the clutch wouldn't work. I had gotten separated from her briefly.. so I didn't see everything... but I had to get gas. I knew she wasn't behind me but I was pulling over soon to get fuel in my car and try to wave her down. I get a call just as I'm done putting fuel in my car... from her saying that she was stuck where I last saw her.. and that there was a cop there... (and he was cute.. her words) ... but that I needed to come back and get her. So I went back to see what happened. Yea we were dead. we had a tow truck called and moved the vehicle to a Wegmans grocery store parking lot that was near by, so we could at least try to think thru what our next step was. ... She still felt we could still go to Utah even though the vehicle my husband uses for his commuting and her to use while she is at our house was dead.. she felt we could still go.. We felt otherwise. I needed to get home to try to think this through with my husband.. who was insisting that we could no longer take our trip. since we now needed to fix our vehicle. She wanted to go see a guy! I wanted to think and talk to my hubby... but I drove her to visit this guy.. (mind you she didn't even tell him she was coming) it was a surprise... So we went. I stay in the car after we get to his apartment complex. I talked to Bill who was FUMMING MAD!!! to say the least. She was visiting with him about an hr. then she came back to the car, in tears... emotionally upset. So she had a unwelcoming visit with this guy.. So we drive back to my house. Still trying to figure out what to do... She wants us to still go on our trip. We still feel there is too much going on to just drop it and leave. So we don't go, we cancel our trip. So we can try to think thru everything we need to do. We call our local mechanic.. (Bruce's Auto, in Charles Town WV) Talk to him to see if he knows a decent towing company who could get our vehicle from Northern VA and bring it out here. He puts us in contact with them, and we ask if we can't pay the bill for the repairs if we could pay over time and leave the vehicle there til we can pay in full. He said yes. So we took that step. The tow truck was going to pick up our car, and bring it to the mechanics, They were going to look at the car but then we still were waiting for the verdict on the vehicle... how much are the repairs. and what do we do with this house guest, who ruined our vacation... that is going thru our minds. and she is so bright and chipper and almost clueless that it's a problem that we are down one car and our vacation ruined. so deep breath.. we try to talk to her about her plans and what she plans on doing now. She then informs us about her driving record. limited piece of paper in ID where she left the paper that says that she can even drive, no drivers license on her. just an ID card. She is unable to rent a vehicle in her name... she wants to go all these places. and doesn't want her plans interrupted. She even asks if a female friend of hers that is 16 can sleep over at our house that night. ... WHAT!!! ok... calm down... we told her NO that it wasn't a wise decision. So she didn't. Bill and I needed some time to think and clear our heads so we could think more clearely... We were able to rent a vehicle to get her out of our hair for a little bit. so we could think and process... The next day we decided that it was not a wise choice for her to stay with us, and she suggested it. as well as we decided that we should return the rental vehicle which was not a wise decision either. So we spent the next day taking her to a friends house and returning a rental vehicle. While driving home from dropping her off and the rental vehicle... We started talking about our trip and how we can possibly still do something fun maybe just not all of what we had planned. We get home and keep talking. We decide to still go to Utah... with what little money we have left in our account.. after the rental and the towing and all that... so we decided to leave the next day... Almost immediately we feel hope and joy... It was exhilerating! We decided to drive 2 - 15 hr days to get to Utah... We didn't know how we were getting home but we knew we were going to get there... and we were going to have fun. So we packed the car and then slept so we could leave by 6am in the morning. OK

The next day... 6AM we are ready to go... car is packed, Kids set, prayer said... when low and behold... the travel vehicle won't start... yes I know.. funny right... well, I thought so, and opportunity for humor... We call a wonderful friend and neighbor and they come and help us jump the car... luckily it was just the battery. We finally got the car started, and went to Walmart to buy a new battery, replaced it in the Walmart parking lot and headed out... realizing the blessing of this hickup... blessing you say... well yes. a blessing, we were to be driving the northern route to UT thru Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming. Lots of cold mornings and snow. If we had gone to our vehicle the next morning and found a dead car, we would have had a harder time being in the middle of no where land to get help then at home where we had friends and resources we knew if it was a bigger problem. So... off we head, now 730am... a little behind schedule but still on the road... another prayer for thanks and watchfulness and alertnes and we're off...

We make it to DeMoine Iowa... our mid point in our journey to UT... snowed thru illinois and iowa... and being at night.. treacherous... but we were safe. We made it safely there. Sleep decently enough and have breakfast uneventful at the hotel. On the road again by 8am... Drive the rest of the way to Utah. We get lost trying to find our friends house in Fruit Heights UT

WE finally make it to Fruit heights UT... our friends were up.. .but it was almost 11 or so at night. my kids had been fabulous on the trip out... very few fights if any... the spirit was there. and we made decent time to our destination with very limited potty breaks.. such a blessing. We arrive exhausted, but I stay up visiting with my friend and Bill heads off to bed. the boys play with their friends and I go to bed around 2am MST. and put the boys to bed when I go to bed. They are sleeping in the room beneath ours... I hear them playing and talking loudly til 3AM when I make them move to different rooms and sleep. They are up early! like 7am... Yes I know my kids are strange. Bill and I are up at around I think 10 being a little lazy... and still kindof tired. But our friends let us sleep. We spend several wonderful days there.

While there we are feeling more and more like we should really look into the community near our friends. as well as possibly ... dare I say it... moving.!! AHHH... WHAT!!! why... we're perfectly happy with our home in WV, We have great friends here, Bill has a great job... oh yea but the situation with the boys school is AWFUL!!! and some of the kids they are making friends with are not a good influence.... We're fine. Bill works from home 3 days a week. I'm a stay at home mom looking for work. Isn't it ideal? So I don't bring it up... I ignore it since I have constant wonderlust... as Bill calls it...

He mentions to me that he really loves it hear.. I agree that it is nice here. But we have a great place back home... in West Virginia... He says he feels impressed that we should move here. WHAT!!! your kidding right... No... he's not. We had scheduled to go to the Salt Lake temple and do a session there. so we decided to pray and fast about it as we went to the temple. We went with a purpose. To find out if we really should be there and if so... later in the year or before the summer. you might have guessed... Before summer was in full swing. So,

We decide that yes we'll move to Utah... but, don't know anything really about the area... I mention to our friend that we're going to be moving to UT, and she put us in contact with some friends of hers that could help us find stuff that would work for us in the Kayesville area. Where the schools are wonderful for the kids. And possibly even central enough for Bill or I to go to school.We look into rentals there, and see a few houses in a few neighborhoods before we leave. Nothing situated... nothing settled. Just that we need to move to Utah soon... really soon. Not sure why, but sometimes with the Lord we don't always know the full reason why, just as we go thru the process of following his will. We call my sister who lives 9 hrs away from where we are and see if she can visit with us on our way home.. briefly but at least a visit.

She says yes.. so we now know how we are to go home. The original way we were going to head out to UT but instead in reverse. crazy huh? ... well, we leave, unevenful.. I even visit with a long time friend in Murray before we leave Ut. It was so nice visiting with Kathy Johnson and seeing her little family. So off we are to Farmington NM where my sister lives. We call our friends that we were going to visit with and arrange to stay at their houses. Still all the while wondering how we're going to make this move happen in such a short period of time.

We take 4 days to get home.. stopping the first night in Albequeque NM. by way of Moab and Farmington NM then the second night in Neosho MO, the third night in Indianapolis IN and then driving home the 4th day. All of our wonderful friends we would have loved to visit on the way out and spending more time with. The boys only missed 2 days of school for our vacation. We rode horses in Neosho, visited with family and friends. What a wonderful trip... you can view pictures of it thru my Photo Gallery as well as on my Facebook photos. What a trip... K now we're home. still feeling like we need to move to UT. but what do we do with our house. What do we do with his job. how can we afford to do this or when can we afford to do this. it takes time and money to move.

Again the lord is blessing us. peace comes with his help... direction if close to the spirit. It's amazing.

We have a renter for our house... We found a truck we can afford that will be able to tow our second vehicle. We have someone who we might be able to rent their house in Kayesville UT where the schools are excellent for the kids and close enough for Bill and I to go back to College and finish our degrees. I've even been able to budget out enough money to pull this off... crazy huh... We are truely feeling the lords hand in our lives. The boys started Baseball as well... All three of them. But I feel as if they won't be able to finish the season before we need to move. OK so here goes... WE are moving to Utah, Leaving West Virginia June 6th. Crazy huh, A month and a half, almost two months to pack, save, and prepare our house here for renters, and put a deposit and stuff and get things started in Utah... Deep breath... We feel so positive about this, we are seeing the lords hand in this every where we look. After we had our answer from the Lord about us moving here, I even was impressed upon as to who we should have rent our house, which would lower our burdens. The Lord is ever mindful of us and our needs, if we would just do as he asks, Lay our burdens upon him for his burden is light. for he will truely make our burden light. We feel so blessed, we only have two obsticles in our way... One is Bill's conversation with his Boss about working from home perminately... cross your fingers and pray that they will let him. and the second one is him talking to his parents who he is nerveous about telling. I am praying that they will know that it is from the Lord and will no lay a guilt trip on Bill for leaving them and taking their only grandkids away... It is going to be hard on Bill to have to tell his parents this. But I have faith. So that's what we're up to, Three boys now in baseball, practice and/or games everynight/day except sundays. so I'm a crazy mom. Need to dejunk, throw away and clean. I have two months or less to accomplish my task. I know with the lords help and friends help I can do this. I will truely miss my family and friends here in VA and WV... :( but the lord has other things for us at this time. Til we meet again. :) be happy and God Bless! I'll try as I can to keep this updated.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time well spent

I know it's been a while since I made a post. But I've been busy. It's been really nice being with my kids and hanging out with friends I didn't use to see when I was working all the time. I've been able to catch up on a lot of things around the house that went unattended. 

I have ben able to help my kids with their homework, almost every day now. Their grades are improving. Bryen finally got a 102 on his spelling test. YEA! It's been a long time coming. I have to catch him right as he comes in off the bus... or it takes forever to do homework. We've had more successes this way than any other.  Our house has been more peaceful. it's been nice. 

I'm happy to have been able to spend time with my family and my friends. We have been very blessed. I'm looking for work now... I need to to qualify for Unemployment. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Winds of Change

Well, you might not have heard... I've been a "lucky" (term used lightly) recipient of a Layoff. Yep in these hard economic times. It's hard to see the situation as lucky. I have been very blessed with this. I know you might say,... how are you blessed. Let me explain. We were told the end of Jan or the first part of Feb. (I can't remember which) that AOL would need to lay off 10% of their global workforce... If it was broken down by department then HR (the group I worked in) would need to lay off 16 people. We had a quick call with our EVP (Executive Vice President) and he said only 10 or so globally for HR would be cut... and that it would be a hard cut as everyone is a high performer and vital to HR success. These numbers came from our parent company TimeWarner. Bill and I started then really looking at our budget and stocking up on food storage items. As both of us work for AOL it would be extremely bad if we were both cut. We looked at the budget if he was cut... We looked at it if I was cut... and if neither of us were cut... where could we save and cut costs and all that... We were really trying to be as prepared as we could for what ever may come. He luckily has been there at AOL for almost 11yrs... thru aprox. 20 layoffs unscaithed. Me I've only been there 18 months or so...Temping on and off for 10 yrs... but that doesn't count when layoffs are happening. I'm new to my department and have a huge learning curve to over come... My job is important, but can be shared thruout my small group. It would just mean way more work for them. My group was only 5, We had one employee in India, one in Florida, and then me, and one other guy and my manager. So we were a small group. It would really hurt if we were downsized... However, at our last all hands all of my team members were acknowledged for their contributions this quarter and last. I was not. I had a feeling I was just not up to par with the rest of my team. I had extenuating curcumstances... Bill's heart surgery, Bryen's issues, and my health issues.... but still nothing Exceptional to pull off... I knew they wouldn't get laid off... I would be the one let go if we were hit. I prepared my self. Mentally and emotionally... As best I could. I was hoping for a one month severance... But not hoping too much as I'm an hourly employee. I didn't know what would be the case. Well, the inevitable thing happened... I was notified yesturday that Monday or Tuesday next week would be my last day of work. I needed to transition as best I could my duties to the other members of my team by then. Well, ok. I can do this... I'll be a stay-at-home mom for my boys and go to school full time... i can do this... I've done it before I can do it again. As long as I can keep to our tight budget. All can work out. I was notified that I would get two months severance. YEA! I can pay off some debt. which will help us with our budget. We can get a fence, which is needed with the new dog, we can get her spade, we can pay off hopefully 3 pieced of debt and then we'll be in a much better financial situation. We lower our fuel... Bill only works in the office 2 days a week. Lower our Toll Road... It will be such a blessing. I can look for better deals, I can focus on my schooling and the kids better... It is just such a better thing for us. I'm excited about this new change... I'm sure there will be a transition period here at home. getting used to everything, but it will be so nice. We can really follow the council of the prophet and work on having a one income family where the father provides for the needs of his family. We are so blessed even in this time to have the blessings of a good paying job and the resources to take care of our needs. The winds of change are upon us, and we are able to weather the storm.... at least on paper... here comes the fun part... actually weathering the storm! :) pray for us... Thanks for all of your support :) Oh and yes I would work for AOL again if they had a possition for me again. But I'm just not actively looking right now. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


1. In what place do you find peace and happiness, and why? Several places, i'll try to pick a couple... one is the Temple... Why? because I am closer to my Heavenly Father and he touches my heart and eases my troubles easier because I am more in tune and listening to his voice. My home... because i try to make it a place of peace and safety and of course I love my family.

2. What goals did you have when you graduated high school, and did you acheive them?
Goals... one was to move around and get out of Texas... yea I accomplished that one, partially, I wanted to go to Europe too... still haven't accomplished that one, Another was to get married in the Temple, Yep I accomplished that one, another was to be able to be somewhat self supportive so that I knew I would be able to support my family if anything happened to my husband and I needed to work. Still working on that goal. I will be finishing college in just over 2 yrs. I make a good wage and I love what I am doing. But I still don't make as much as my husband... But we could survive off of my income just on a lower level of living. Which is still living. I'm proud of the things I've been able to accomplish.

3.. Who do you respect the most and why? My husband, his honesty and just who he is, I respect most people, I think I'm genuinely a good person and try to show respect to everyone. Especially people who have overcome adversity positively and have helped others overcome adversity as well. That is just something that is amazing.

4. What is your favorite activity? hard to say right now. sometimes it's just hangin' out with my girlfriends (Not alot of time for that these days) or just spending quality time with my hubby continuing to build that eternal relationship. :)

5. What is one place you'd like to visit (money is no option), and why? All of Europe... does that count? I would love to take tours and visit historical places. I love history and experiencing new things. I'd also love to visit Hawaii... Beaches, sun... beautiful scenery.. need I say more? :)

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Weekend....

Well, it has been a productive weekend as well as partly relaxing. I have done alot this weekend. But I think it all went pretty smoothly. I started my valentines day weekend on Friday, I babysat for one of my friends so she and her hubby could go and celebrate their Valentines day alone. We watched their kids overnight. The kids had a blast! they watched movies, and played. Saturday we all went and registered my three boys into little league baseball, then come to find out that they will have practice 3 nights a week and a game during the week and one game on saturdays. Luckily it won't start until April. I also signed up to go back to college. I start March 23rd. I can hardly wait. I will be finished in 10 months with my Associates in Business Administration and then 13 months later my Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. It will be non stop, but worth the sacrifice. Then it will be Bill's turn for him to finish. Leading by example. Saturday afternoon, my friends took the boys and Bill and I left for out date for Valentines Day. We went to a nice Italian restaurant called Cesca in Bethesda MD. It was a nice meal. my favorite dish was their ravioli's with potato and leeks with a mascapone cheese sauce. MMMM tasty... I crave that now! We had a nice leasurely meal. 4 courses to be exact. Then at the end of dinner Bill gives me my gift. a 5 diamond journey necklace. It's beautiful. I have noticed a theme with his jewelry he gives me. There seem to always be 5 diamonds. My anniversary band has 5 diamonds, the wrap on my wedding ring has 5 diamonds and my new necklace has 5 diamonds. He said it represents our family of 5... how sweet. AWWWW. He is such a sweety. Then he and I went to go pick up some flower, a pot of tulips from Sams Club so I can plant them around the front tree. They are beautiful. And we picked up a few movies to watch at home. Nights of Rodanthe, and The Secret Life of Bees. They are both goood movies. We snuggled on the couch and then fell asleep. It was so nice and relaxing to have some quality quiet time with him. We were well rested for church. We went to church on Sunday, I did NO house work on Sunday except made a nice dinner with marinated steaks and a wild rice with artichoke and roasted red peppers. I knew I would clean up on Monday so I wasn't worried. Yesturday I busted my behind... Luckily I had the help of a neighbor's daughter for most of it as I spent most of the day sorting, throwing away and washing laundry. But the house is much more organized and cleared out. What a relief to have it finished. I'm finishing up the laundry. But other than that... I'm done. I couldn't have finished with out the help of Jillian and Bill and the kids. When they came home from building their pinewood derby cars, helped finish the downstairs. I am so blessed to have the friends and family I have. I am so grateful for them all. What a filled weekend. It was wonderful!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's next

Well, It seems every year at the beginning of the year, my husband and I try to figure out if we are going to do any major vacations and try to plan for them. We look into hotels, locations, times, things we want to do or teach the kids about. Huge discussions happen around these topics. Then we decide what we're going to do. and pray we'll have the money. time and energy to complete our plans. Oh and barring any outside forces of stopping us. We've been talking about taking a trip to Utah for years now. Every year we say we're going to go, we plan it out, we put in time to take off of work. and Bam! something happens and we can't go. last year, Bill's heart surgery, the year before, Bill was told he could take the time, but then they took it back, and said he was needed in Germany that time and then the day before we were originally scheduled to go after we reallocated the funds. Was told they needed him to go to Germany after when we had originally scheduled to go. So we still couldn't go, no more planning. I am getting a little tired of planning a trip we can't seem to go on. Why is it so important to go to Utah, you might ask. Well, Bill served his mission in Salt Lake City, over 10 yrs ago, and hasn't been back since. While he was on his mission he had open heart surgery right before he came home. He want's to go back and show us some of his favorite places and some of the people he knew there that he still keeps in contact with, after all these years. I love Utah, it holds a special place in my heart. I lived there before I met Bill. I lived in Provo UT, I worked at the Brick Oven and went to Beauty School there at Von Curtis Academy of Hair Design. We also have several friends who have moved to Utah. Plus church history and the temples. So needlessly to say, we were again planning a trip to Utah for this year. We were planning on driving out, so we could see different parts of the country on the way out and see my sister Kat on the way back in NM. Stop in at the Grand Canyon and all that. Well, we were going to go over the kids spring break in April. I was going to have the money, but we owe some taxes this year, and will have to pay that instead of our trip to Utah. Bill also wants to do other trips this year. He has good intentions, but I think our on the spot quick weekend trips seem to be the best. No planning really except the day we want to go. We check the budget and then pic a direction. In a usual 3 day weekend we've been know to do things like, take a trip to Boston, Go to Palmyra NY and Niaghra falls Canada. Or trip to Ocean City, MD, or Indianapolis IN. We like to drive and the kids are pretty good. too bad Utah is a 3 day drive one way. Well, eventually we'll get back there. It just might not be this year. I'm also trying to plan my family reunion in Texas. That should be fun. If I can pull it off. Here's hoping. Where should we go? What should our next big trip be or little 3 day weekend trip. We have one coming up next week with Valentines day/President'sday. hmmm will we go any where? We'll just have to wait and see. :) Do you have any ideas of where we should go?>

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Family Reunion Planning - Dickson Clan

Ok, Here it goes, I'm going to kick off the newest Dickson Family reunion to be held in 2009. Hopefully from now on we can make this a yearly thing. When I was a kid my we'd all meet at Blanco State Park in Blanco TX. It would be great if we could all converge on that place again this year. I asked my mom how they did it before. She said that her and my dad would just let the family know when they were going to be there, and invited the rest of the family to join. Each family is invited. If your a decendant or addition to the Dickson line... From Joyce Dickson/Frazer. Your invited to attend. If you'd like feed back as to which month this summer we do this please feel free to let me know. We I think are planning on being down there in June. If that doesn't work for the majority of you all. Let me know and we can pick a different month. WE hope all can make it. Bring your tents, your lean-too's, your RV's and trailers. It's time to get the Dickson family reunion re-invented. if you'd like to converge at a different location. please let me know. Our home is always open for the fam. We are 90 min from DC. We love visitors. If you want a cheap vacation, stay with us! :) So for now. I'll get my calender and pick a weekend in June and I'll schedule us to be there. I hope you all can join us!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Disappointed Bitter-sweet

I was so excited my team the Pittsburg Steelers made it to the Super Bowl!!! I was so dissappointed at their poor sportsmanship! They had some really great plays and very methodical with their running game. It was such a close game. I could just not believe they would be so grossly horrible with their on field behavior toward the Cardinals. They were doing some personal fouls, but last I checked two wrongs doesn't make it right. I am a still a fan, just a dissappointed fan. I know they could have been better behaved toward the Cardinals. I wish they would have behaved better. I watched the SuperBowl with a house full of Cardinal fans... Lets just say I was royally imbarrassed to see the behavior of my team. All were appauld at their behavior. Yes they won... but at what cost. It was a win that due to their poor sportsmanship should not have gotten the win. But they did win. A bitter-sweet win. Go Steelers, but I will have a heavy heart.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's cold outside

Well, here we are on our second snow day. My house shows it. Mess everywhere. Yesturday it wasn't too bad during the day since the boys were out alot of the day in the snow. Today, however, everywhere I look is a mess. I'm trying to work but I really need to be drill sergent on the kids for their rooms. You can't even walk on their floor. Getting hungry, need to make lunch. It doesn't help that I'm watching the food network while I'm working. It's icy and cold outside. I want to just send the boys outside. But i'm not going to... It's too bad out there. We have a really nice neighbor come over and they cleared our driveway and our cars. How sweet of them! We are so greatful for great friends. It's cold outside, but warm in the house.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Surviving craziness

Hello, I survived... I've made it thru a whirlwind weekend. It wasn't bad actually. I think my husbands tensing made it seem worse. I declined the trivit making class with my mother-in-law. Since I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to pull away from all the crafts they were working on that day. I spent the morning working on the house, I had a spent friday night trying to get a jumpstart on the day. I cleaned the kitchen, dishes done, countertops cleared and cleaned, swept and mopped, It looked great! Unfortunately, when i woke up, the kids had messed up the beautiful kitchen and living room. that were clean. I was so upset. I started laundry and made them clean up the mess they made, then I added a few chores to their list as punishment to their distruction. We cleaned what we could before the Baptism. We made it to the baptism of Chuck and Tommy, It was so special and spiritual. What a great experience. We headed home, finished cleaning up, got into some cleaning clothes and then headed to the church to help clean the building. We were there from 4-6pm. rushed home to finish dinner. Luckily earlier I had set a roast with potatoes and carrots in the crock-pot. So I made some Mac n Cheese and hotdogs for the boys, we were glad to have the missionaries over for dinner. My friends were supposed to come, but their daughter fell asleep and didn't make it to dinner. So we ate then went there for the discussions. We talked about the Plan of Salvation. It was a wonderful conversation and spirit. The missionaries challenged them to set a date for baptism. My friend Vinney committed to Feb. 7th. His wife (also my friend) Jovan needs a little more time. So she set a date of Feb. 21. It will be such a blessing in their life and their children for this choice they are making. We are excited. We will be having more lessons with the missionaries and Jovan and Vinney two this week and then two the following week. Leading up to Vinney's baptism. I've seen the change the gospel has had in his life. It is so sweet. He has become so happy and joyful. It is so wonderful to see the change of heart in someone who is looking for answers and is lost. I am grateful to be a witness to this change in someone. It was a remarkable experience. Also, to day at church it was awesome. So spiritual. I feel so renewed. Vinney, Jovan and family attended. Our lessons were on Missionary work, and Temple Marriages. What great messages and testimoneys were shared. Jovan and I stayed for Choir practice. It was nice. The boys took the kids home. When I got home Bill was making lunch. It was so nice to come home to lunch almost being done. Chicken tenders and french fries. deep fried. not too bad. The boys and I hung out most of the day, I made some really yummy cube steak, with white rice and corn. so yummy. (THANKS JOVAN for the recipe). We're sharing recipes I shared my meatloaf and she shared her spanish cube steak. mmmmm yummy. I even had her come down and sample the recipe I made to make sure it was right. She said I passed. Yea me! I like getting new yummy easy recipes. Well, Bill is home from his Priesthood meeting he had tonight. I'm going to spend a little time with him. Have a good evening :).

Friday, January 23, 2009

crazy days

well, it's been a crazy week. Monday was such a lazy day, I don't think i left the couch all day... i really needed a day of nothingness, Tuesday was a crazy day, everything i wanted to get done didn't get finished...I worked from home and watched the Inauguration on TV. I thought it was amazing. Then tried to finish working but just could't focus very well. I thought for sure Wednesday would be better, it was the worst day... I got up at 6am (my normal time to get up for work) Things went pretty well that morning, I even got out of the door on time, and traffic wasn't too bad... Then i get about an hr away from the house close to work, and I realize as i'm going thru the things in the day i need to get done in my head, that I think i left my laptop, my badge and important documents needed that day at home, i call Bill, they're at the house, So I have to turn around, drive back an hr to the house, get my laptop, badge and lunch. (Still haven't had breakfast and it's 915 the second time i'm leaving my house. I get to work just after 10am... Finally there, rush around trying to pull together the documents i need for a training class i'm supposed to give at 2pm. I am finished editing and printing my documents just a little past the time i needed to be there to set up for the training class, I set up, Meet my boss there who is supposed to give a 15 min overview of our team and what we're training on that day, and then i was supposed to give the training and answer questions. Well, My boss gets carried away easily, she is very passionate about what we're doing, she talks most of the time, eventually letting me speak about 10 out of the whole time, I become her "Vanna White" in the training class, Realizing that it's getting way out of hand, and hadn't even finished training 1.5 hrs later, when everyone needed to leave. I thank everyone for attending, hoping it was ok.... I go back to my desk by 330 realizing i have to be in Court at 5 for the traffic citation i got for the accident on 31 Dec. I try to find out how to get out of going as i won't make it in time, due to the paperwork left from the training class I have to finish. I write a letter to the judge, requesting a new time due to my work schedule and fax it in. I hope it was ok. I finally leave at 5. Head home for crazy night. Bill working late and needing to make dinner, the car finally was finished at the body shop, so we needed to return the rental and pick up the car, it just went on and on... finally went to bed. Then started late out on Thursday, Bill and I both work in the office on Thursdays so we have to put the boys on the bus and then go in. Got lots of responses from the training class, and lots of 1:1 training time for some of the people in the training class. Lots of requests for another training session (without my boss) a couple of people were offended by some of the opinions of my boss. Tried to give constructive criticism.... i now feel i'm on shaky ground with my boss for sharing. But it needed said. All in all quite productive. Got to go home ontime and see my boys. watch Ugly Betty and Greys Anatomy, Love those shows, then went to bed. It is crazy sometimes at my house, not much house work gets done and i feel like a failure since my house is such as mess all the time. I have a neighbor who comes over and likes to point out that my floor isn't moped , or the table has food stuck on it. Sometimes it is just hard to wash it's all i can do some days to load the dishwasher so we have clean dishes to eat off of. I know i'm a horrible mom for not keeping a clean house and everything in it's place. I try. I feel like i get no help from my husband or the kids, they help they do... but i get in a rut and that is how i feel. I know we are all trying to keep it all together. I'll work on Laundry, kitchen and living room tomorrow with all of my other responsibilities, making trivots with my mother in law, baptism attendance with neighbors investigating the church, cleaning the church, and feeding the missionaries dinner and the investigators with a discussion. Hope it get it all done, and somehow keep the spirit with me. I need prayers. Thanks, :) Shae

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Husband Rocks

My husband Rocks

1) Where did you meet? In our Single's Ward Family Home Evening Group
2) How long did you date before you were married? 3 months
3)What does he do that surprises you? When he brings me flowers :) for no reason.
4)What is your favorite quality? humor
5)WHat is your favorite feature of his?His comforting arms. That hold me when he shows me he loves me and holds me when I need him to care for me.
6) Does he have a nickname for you? I'm his Shae Shae (kindof like the Tom Tom)
7) What is his favorit food? lots, he loves food
8) What is his favorite sport?Participating - PaintBall and Mountain Biking Watching....Football
9)When and where was your first kiss? On our 2nd date, outside of my Aunt Jeanne's house when we said goodbye... let's just say i still remember the fireworks :)
10) What do you like to do together? Camp, travel, watch tv, everything
11)Do you have children? yes
12)Does he have a hidden talent? He remembers little known facts and pulls them out at the most amazing moments... it surprises me how scary smart he is sometimes :)
13) Who said "I love you" first? He did... He tried once but I made him pray about it... I had heard it too many times from the wrong type of guys, so I wanted to know it was really real. After he prayed about it, he told me he loved me... I was literally speachless and couldn't breathe. It was very memorable.
14) What is his favorite type of music? Pink Floyd! Classic Rock
15) What is your favorite thing about him? All of him.
16) Do you think he will read this?Probably not. But I hope so :)