Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's cold outside

Well, here we are on our second snow day. My house shows it. Mess everywhere. Yesturday it wasn't too bad during the day since the boys were out alot of the day in the snow. Today, however, everywhere I look is a mess. I'm trying to work but I really need to be drill sergent on the kids for their rooms. You can't even walk on their floor. Getting hungry, need to make lunch. It doesn't help that I'm watching the food network while I'm working. It's icy and cold outside. I want to just send the boys outside. But i'm not going to... It's too bad out there. We have a really nice neighbor come over and they cleared our driveway and our cars. How sweet of them! We are so greatful for great friends. It's cold outside, but warm in the house.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Surviving craziness

Hello, I survived... I've made it thru a whirlwind weekend. It wasn't bad actually. I think my husbands tensing made it seem worse. I declined the trivit making class with my mother-in-law. Since I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to pull away from all the crafts they were working on that day. I spent the morning working on the house, I had a spent friday night trying to get a jumpstart on the day. I cleaned the kitchen, dishes done, countertops cleared and cleaned, swept and mopped, It looked great! Unfortunately, when i woke up, the kids had messed up the beautiful kitchen and living room. that were clean. I was so upset. I started laundry and made them clean up the mess they made, then I added a few chores to their list as punishment to their distruction. We cleaned what we could before the Baptism. We made it to the baptism of Chuck and Tommy, It was so special and spiritual. What a great experience. We headed home, finished cleaning up, got into some cleaning clothes and then headed to the church to help clean the building. We were there from 4-6pm. rushed home to finish dinner. Luckily earlier I had set a roast with potatoes and carrots in the crock-pot. So I made some Mac n Cheese and hotdogs for the boys, we were glad to have the missionaries over for dinner. My friends were supposed to come, but their daughter fell asleep and didn't make it to dinner. So we ate then went there for the discussions. We talked about the Plan of Salvation. It was a wonderful conversation and spirit. The missionaries challenged them to set a date for baptism. My friend Vinney committed to Feb. 7th. His wife (also my friend) Jovan needs a little more time. So she set a date of Feb. 21. It will be such a blessing in their life and their children for this choice they are making. We are excited. We will be having more lessons with the missionaries and Jovan and Vinney two this week and then two the following week. Leading up to Vinney's baptism. I've seen the change the gospel has had in his life. It is so sweet. He has become so happy and joyful. It is so wonderful to see the change of heart in someone who is looking for answers and is lost. I am grateful to be a witness to this change in someone. It was a remarkable experience. Also, to day at church it was awesome. So spiritual. I feel so renewed. Vinney, Jovan and family attended. Our lessons were on Missionary work, and Temple Marriages. What great messages and testimoneys were shared. Jovan and I stayed for Choir practice. It was nice. The boys took the kids home. When I got home Bill was making lunch. It was so nice to come home to lunch almost being done. Chicken tenders and french fries. deep fried. not too bad. The boys and I hung out most of the day, I made some really yummy cube steak, with white rice and corn. so yummy. (THANKS JOVAN for the recipe). We're sharing recipes I shared my meatloaf and she shared her spanish cube steak. mmmmm yummy. I even had her come down and sample the recipe I made to make sure it was right. She said I passed. Yea me! I like getting new yummy easy recipes. Well, Bill is home from his Priesthood meeting he had tonight. I'm going to spend a little time with him. Have a good evening :).

Friday, January 23, 2009

crazy days

well, it's been a crazy week. Monday was such a lazy day, I don't think i left the couch all day... i really needed a day of nothingness, Tuesday was a crazy day, everything i wanted to get done didn't get finished...I worked from home and watched the Inauguration on TV. I thought it was amazing. Then tried to finish working but just could't focus very well. I thought for sure Wednesday would be better, it was the worst day... I got up at 6am (my normal time to get up for work) Things went pretty well that morning, I even got out of the door on time, and traffic wasn't too bad... Then i get about an hr away from the house close to work, and I realize as i'm going thru the things in the day i need to get done in my head, that I think i left my laptop, my badge and important documents needed that day at home, i call Bill, they're at the house, So I have to turn around, drive back an hr to the house, get my laptop, badge and lunch. (Still haven't had breakfast and it's 915 the second time i'm leaving my house. I get to work just after 10am... Finally there, rush around trying to pull together the documents i need for a training class i'm supposed to give at 2pm. I am finished editing and printing my documents just a little past the time i needed to be there to set up for the training class, I set up, Meet my boss there who is supposed to give a 15 min overview of our team and what we're training on that day, and then i was supposed to give the training and answer questions. Well, My boss gets carried away easily, she is very passionate about what we're doing, she talks most of the time, eventually letting me speak about 10 out of the whole time, I become her "Vanna White" in the training class, Realizing that it's getting way out of hand, and hadn't even finished training 1.5 hrs later, when everyone needed to leave. I thank everyone for attending, hoping it was ok.... I go back to my desk by 330 realizing i have to be in Court at 5 for the traffic citation i got for the accident on 31 Dec. I try to find out how to get out of going as i won't make it in time, due to the paperwork left from the training class I have to finish. I write a letter to the judge, requesting a new time due to my work schedule and fax it in. I hope it was ok. I finally leave at 5. Head home for crazy night. Bill working late and needing to make dinner, the car finally was finished at the body shop, so we needed to return the rental and pick up the car, it just went on and on... finally went to bed. Then started late out on Thursday, Bill and I both work in the office on Thursdays so we have to put the boys on the bus and then go in. Got lots of responses from the training class, and lots of 1:1 training time for some of the people in the training class. Lots of requests for another training session (without my boss) a couple of people were offended by some of the opinions of my boss. Tried to give constructive criticism.... i now feel i'm on shaky ground with my boss for sharing. But it needed said. All in all quite productive. Got to go home ontime and see my boys. watch Ugly Betty and Greys Anatomy, Love those shows, then went to bed. It is crazy sometimes at my house, not much house work gets done and i feel like a failure since my house is such as mess all the time. I have a neighbor who comes over and likes to point out that my floor isn't moped , or the table has food stuck on it. Sometimes it is just hard to wash it's all i can do some days to load the dishwasher so we have clean dishes to eat off of. I know i'm a horrible mom for not keeping a clean house and everything in it's place. I try. I feel like i get no help from my husband or the kids, they help they do... but i get in a rut and that is how i feel. I know we are all trying to keep it all together. I'll work on Laundry, kitchen and living room tomorrow with all of my other responsibilities, making trivots with my mother in law, baptism attendance with neighbors investigating the church, cleaning the church, and feeding the missionaries dinner and the investigators with a discussion. Hope it get it all done, and somehow keep the spirit with me. I need prayers. Thanks, :) Shae

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Husband Rocks

My husband Rocks

1) Where did you meet? In our Single's Ward Family Home Evening Group
2) How long did you date before you were married? 3 months
3)What does he do that surprises you? When he brings me flowers :) for no reason.
4)What is your favorite quality? humor
5)WHat is your favorite feature of his?His comforting arms. That hold me when he shows me he loves me and holds me when I need him to care for me.
6) Does he have a nickname for you? I'm his Shae Shae (kindof like the Tom Tom)
7) What is his favorit food? lots, he loves food
8) What is his favorite sport?Participating - PaintBall and Mountain Biking Watching....Football
9)When and where was your first kiss? On our 2nd date, outside of my Aunt Jeanne's house when we said goodbye... let's just say i still remember the fireworks :)
10) What do you like to do together? Camp, travel, watch tv, everything
11)Do you have children? yes
12)Does he have a hidden talent? He remembers little known facts and pulls them out at the most amazing moments... it surprises me how scary smart he is sometimes :)
13) Who said "I love you" first? He did... He tried once but I made him pray about it... I had heard it too many times from the wrong type of guys, so I wanted to know it was really real. After he prayed about it, he told me he loved me... I was literally speachless and couldn't breathe. It was very memorable.
14) What is his favorite type of music? Pink Floyd! Classic Rock
15) What is your favorite thing about him? All of him.
16) Do you think he will read this?Probably not. But I hope so :)