Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In an amongst our getting ready to move, we are inundated with baseball. You may say yea right... but let me tell you... we are literally booked solid... not a free saturday until the day we move, and several games and practices every evening til we move. The only packing will be done during the day while everyone is at work. it's crazy I feel so alone. it's hard. i feel so uninspired to even clean the house. It might be partly feeling overwhelmed and a slight lack of desire.  I know i'm pathetic... But it's frustrating knowing that it's all on my plate if this happens or doesn't. Bill keeps saying... Are we moving or not... Like it's all my choice. I just look at him and then leave the room. I'm tired. I'm more motivated if someone is here to help. or just for moral support. They don't have to do anything just their mer presence helps motivate me. Well, The boys get home from school in an hr and I need to clean the kitchen and get dinner started, this is the last night they have scouts as baseball games are every tuesday thru the end of the month and even into June. As well as Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays... heck all week long. The only day there is no Baseball is Sunday. I'm not complaining. But I do know the lord will help me to get motivated so we can finish. Here is to 5 more weeks til the move. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Catching up

ok,... I've had a hard time writing since getting laid off... I'm not on the computer much anymore. But so much has happened since I've been laid off. We have had so many blessings and challenges... But we know that the Lord is by our side thru all of it. But in the end even the challenges are blessings, for they help us to learn and grow. So.. Where do I start?

Well, Lets see here... A few weeks ago decided that with my severance money that we would take a good vacation. Which we desperately needed. Bill had this HUGE pull to take the boys and I out to Salt Lake City, which is where he went on his mission. He hadn't been back since he went on his mission over 10 yrs ago. So we made the decision to go... We called some family and friends and set up to visit with them on the way out and then make our way to Utah. We had all of these really great plans. We even were contacted by another friend that was coming out to visit other people here in VA and we would have a house guest here to watch our house, since we were going to be gone over a week. It was all working out wonderfully. We were feeling very good and blessed. We even had the money to fix up our vehicle so we would not have any worries about how it would perform on the long journey. So, fast forward to the day before we are scheduled to leave on our trip... I pick up our friend who is supposed to stay at our house while we're gone. I pick her up at the airport, then drive over to the Carmax to pick up our travel vehicle that was having some minor repairs done before our trip. Then we were supposed to drive in a caravan back to West Virginia, She had told us she knew how to drive a standard vehicle... we trusted her. Come to find out... she didn't... She put the car in 3rd gear and gassed the car and took her foot off the clutch and killed the car... several times. eventually the car stopped moving with a large black puff of smoke and nasty smell coming from the engine. We were dead in the water... and the clutch wouldn't work. I had gotten separated from her briefly.. so I didn't see everything... but I had to get gas. I knew she wasn't behind me but I was pulling over soon to get fuel in my car and try to wave her down. I get a call just as I'm done putting fuel in my car... from her saying that she was stuck where I last saw her.. and that there was a cop there... (and he was cute.. her words) ... but that I needed to come back and get her. So I went back to see what happened. Yea we were dead. we had a tow truck called and moved the vehicle to a Wegmans grocery store parking lot that was near by, so we could at least try to think thru what our next step was. ... She still felt we could still go to Utah even though the vehicle my husband uses for his commuting and her to use while she is at our house was dead.. she felt we could still go.. We felt otherwise. I needed to get home to try to think this through with my husband.. who was insisting that we could no longer take our trip. since we now needed to fix our vehicle. She wanted to go see a guy! I wanted to think and talk to my hubby... but I drove her to visit this guy.. (mind you she didn't even tell him she was coming) it was a surprise... So we went. I stay in the car after we get to his apartment complex. I talked to Bill who was FUMMING MAD!!! to say the least. She was visiting with him about an hr. then she came back to the car, in tears... emotionally upset. So she had a unwelcoming visit with this guy.. So we drive back to my house. Still trying to figure out what to do... She wants us to still go on our trip. We still feel there is too much going on to just drop it and leave. So we don't go, we cancel our trip. So we can try to think thru everything we need to do. We call our local mechanic.. (Bruce's Auto, in Charles Town WV) Talk to him to see if he knows a decent towing company who could get our vehicle from Northern VA and bring it out here. He puts us in contact with them, and we ask if we can't pay the bill for the repairs if we could pay over time and leave the vehicle there til we can pay in full. He said yes. So we took that step. The tow truck was going to pick up our car, and bring it to the mechanics, They were going to look at the car but then we still were waiting for the verdict on the vehicle... how much are the repairs. and what do we do with this house guest, who ruined our vacation... that is going thru our minds. and she is so bright and chipper and almost clueless that it's a problem that we are down one car and our vacation ruined. so deep breath.. we try to talk to her about her plans and what she plans on doing now. She then informs us about her driving record. limited piece of paper in ID where she left the paper that says that she can even drive, no drivers license on her. just an ID card. She is unable to rent a vehicle in her name... she wants to go all these places. and doesn't want her plans interrupted. She even asks if a female friend of hers that is 16 can sleep over at our house that night. ... WHAT!!! ok... calm down... we told her NO that it wasn't a wise decision. So she didn't. Bill and I needed some time to think and clear our heads so we could think more clearely... We were able to rent a vehicle to get her out of our hair for a little bit. so we could think and process... The next day we decided that it was not a wise choice for her to stay with us, and she suggested it. as well as we decided that we should return the rental vehicle which was not a wise decision either. So we spent the next day taking her to a friends house and returning a rental vehicle. While driving home from dropping her off and the rental vehicle... We started talking about our trip and how we can possibly still do something fun maybe just not all of what we had planned. We get home and keep talking. We decide to still go to Utah... with what little money we have left in our account.. after the rental and the towing and all that... so we decided to leave the next day... Almost immediately we feel hope and joy... It was exhilerating! We decided to drive 2 - 15 hr days to get to Utah... We didn't know how we were getting home but we knew we were going to get there... and we were going to have fun. So we packed the car and then slept so we could leave by 6am in the morning. OK

The next day... 6AM we are ready to go... car is packed, Kids set, prayer said... when low and behold... the travel vehicle won't start... yes I know.. funny right... well, I thought so, and opportunity for humor... We call a wonderful friend and neighbor and they come and help us jump the car... luckily it was just the battery. We finally got the car started, and went to Walmart to buy a new battery, replaced it in the Walmart parking lot and headed out... realizing the blessing of this hickup... blessing you say... well yes. a blessing, we were to be driving the northern route to UT thru Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming. Lots of cold mornings and snow. If we had gone to our vehicle the next morning and found a dead car, we would have had a harder time being in the middle of no where land to get help then at home where we had friends and resources we knew if it was a bigger problem. So... off we head, now 730am... a little behind schedule but still on the road... another prayer for thanks and watchfulness and alertnes and we're off...

We make it to DeMoine Iowa... our mid point in our journey to UT... snowed thru illinois and iowa... and being at night.. treacherous... but we were safe. We made it safely there. Sleep decently enough and have breakfast uneventful at the hotel. On the road again by 8am... Drive the rest of the way to Utah. We get lost trying to find our friends house in Fruit Heights UT

WE finally make it to Fruit heights UT... our friends were up.. .but it was almost 11 or so at night. my kids had been fabulous on the trip out... very few fights if any... the spirit was there. and we made decent time to our destination with very limited potty breaks.. such a blessing. We arrive exhausted, but I stay up visiting with my friend and Bill heads off to bed. the boys play with their friends and I go to bed around 2am MST. and put the boys to bed when I go to bed. They are sleeping in the room beneath ours... I hear them playing and talking loudly til 3AM when I make them move to different rooms and sleep. They are up early! like 7am... Yes I know my kids are strange. Bill and I are up at around I think 10 being a little lazy... and still kindof tired. But our friends let us sleep. We spend several wonderful days there.

While there we are feeling more and more like we should really look into the community near our friends. as well as possibly ... dare I say it... moving.!! AHHH... WHAT!!! why... we're perfectly happy with our home in WV, We have great friends here, Bill has a great job... oh yea but the situation with the boys school is AWFUL!!! and some of the kids they are making friends with are not a good influence.... We're fine. Bill works from home 3 days a week. I'm a stay at home mom looking for work. Isn't it ideal? So I don't bring it up... I ignore it since I have constant wonderlust... as Bill calls it...

He mentions to me that he really loves it hear.. I agree that it is nice here. But we have a great place back home... in West Virginia... He says he feels impressed that we should move here. WHAT!!! your kidding right... No... he's not. We had scheduled to go to the Salt Lake temple and do a session there. so we decided to pray and fast about it as we went to the temple. We went with a purpose. To find out if we really should be there and if so... later in the year or before the summer. you might have guessed... Before summer was in full swing. So,

We decide that yes we'll move to Utah... but, don't know anything really about the area... I mention to our friend that we're going to be moving to UT, and she put us in contact with some friends of hers that could help us find stuff that would work for us in the Kayesville area. Where the schools are wonderful for the kids. And possibly even central enough for Bill or I to go to school.We look into rentals there, and see a few houses in a few neighborhoods before we leave. Nothing situated... nothing settled. Just that we need to move to Utah soon... really soon. Not sure why, but sometimes with the Lord we don't always know the full reason why, just as we go thru the process of following his will. We call my sister who lives 9 hrs away from where we are and see if she can visit with us on our way home.. briefly but at least a visit.

She says yes.. so we now know how we are to go home. The original way we were going to head out to UT but instead in reverse. crazy huh? ... well, we leave, unevenful.. I even visit with a long time friend in Murray before we leave Ut. It was so nice visiting with Kathy Johnson and seeing her little family. So off we are to Farmington NM where my sister lives. We call our friends that we were going to visit with and arrange to stay at their houses. Still all the while wondering how we're going to make this move happen in such a short period of time.

We take 4 days to get home.. stopping the first night in Albequeque NM. by way of Moab and Farmington NM then the second night in Neosho MO, the third night in Indianapolis IN and then driving home the 4th day. All of our wonderful friends we would have loved to visit on the way out and spending more time with. The boys only missed 2 days of school for our vacation. We rode horses in Neosho, visited with family and friends. What a wonderful trip... you can view pictures of it thru my Photo Gallery as well as on my Facebook photos. What a trip... K now we're home. still feeling like we need to move to UT. but what do we do with our house. What do we do with his job. how can we afford to do this or when can we afford to do this. it takes time and money to move.

Again the lord is blessing us. peace comes with his help... direction if close to the spirit. It's amazing.

We have a renter for our house... We found a truck we can afford that will be able to tow our second vehicle. We have someone who we might be able to rent their house in Kayesville UT where the schools are excellent for the kids and close enough for Bill and I to go back to College and finish our degrees. I've even been able to budget out enough money to pull this off... crazy huh... We are truely feeling the lords hand in our lives. The boys started Baseball as well... All three of them. But I feel as if they won't be able to finish the season before we need to move. OK so here goes... WE are moving to Utah, Leaving West Virginia June 6th. Crazy huh, A month and a half, almost two months to pack, save, and prepare our house here for renters, and put a deposit and stuff and get things started in Utah... Deep breath... We feel so positive about this, we are seeing the lords hand in this every where we look. After we had our answer from the Lord about us moving here, I even was impressed upon as to who we should have rent our house, which would lower our burdens. The Lord is ever mindful of us and our needs, if we would just do as he asks, Lay our burdens upon him for his burden is light. for he will truely make our burden light. We feel so blessed, we only have two obsticles in our way... One is Bill's conversation with his Boss about working from home perminately... cross your fingers and pray that they will let him. and the second one is him talking to his parents who he is nerveous about telling. I am praying that they will know that it is from the Lord and will no lay a guilt trip on Bill for leaving them and taking their only grandkids away... It is going to be hard on Bill to have to tell his parents this. But I have faith. So that's what we're up to, Three boys now in baseball, practice and/or games everynight/day except sundays. so I'm a crazy mom. Need to dejunk, throw away and clean. I have two months or less to accomplish my task. I know with the lords help and friends help I can do this. I will truely miss my family and friends here in VA and WV... :( but the lord has other things for us at this time. Til we meet again. :) be happy and God Bless! I'll try as I can to keep this updated.