Saturday, October 31, 2009

She's gone :(

Joi is officially at the breeders now. :( They said she's doing well and made the trip well. She has been well behaved around the kids, for which I'm grateful. The breeder is going to try to fix Joi's ear, and try to bulk her up, as she's too skinny. She will work on training her and then finding a new home for her. :( I hope she knows how much we love her and wish her well. Joi is better off where she is now. I need to keep reminding my self this. As much of a headache she was for us. We still loved her very much. It will be an adjustment getting used to her not being here. But, I know it's better this way for her. Now to try to move on. We need to clean up the yard, all the poo and trash from Joi. Sell the kennels and other dog stuff we have.

We are down to one pet... and will stay that way. Happy Halloween :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

More winds of change

Well, here we are we made it almost a full year with a dog... what a feat in and of it's self. However, Joi is now on her way to Indianapolis IN. She is going back to the breader we originally got her from. It is expensive to fly a dog... can I just say... wow. crazy! We were having such a hard time getting the boys to follow the training instructions with her. Everytime we'd tell them... don't yell at her, talk normally to her, don't all tell her a command at the same time... one at a time. on and on and on it went... they didn't listen. She kept jumping on everyone. She wouldn't stop pulling on the leash. WE tried everything. Nothing worked. We had to get the prong collar and even then she tested it alot, then she would just jump on us. She would eat her leash and everything. What an adventure. She is about to have a wonderful experience being trained by a professional... and one who loves her so much. WE are so grateful for the breaders (our friends) who trusted us with her and are willing to accept her back and know that we love them and her. So now what is in store for us.. well, we'll just be a one pet family for a long time. Socks the cat is perfectly fine being an only animal. He I think prefers being the only one around.. pet wise that is... :) He's a good cat.

The boys had "Storybook Day" at school aka Halloween celebrations... They dressed up and had fun. The catch with the Storybook day was that they were allowed to dress up only if they had a book they were associated with... Let's just say... The boys had a blast... Bryen was a Zombie... his book Zombie Zone from A to Z Mysteries. Braeden was a Pirate... his book was Pirates from Magic Tree House the companion book to Pirates at High Noon. Mikey was BumbleBee from Transformers... Can you guess his book? His book was Transformers Animated... What fun. I volunteered in the Library and was from the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs... An egg on a Tree :) I know cute right :) I would go to class rooms and ask them What book am I from... and they all said Green Eggs and Ham... :) but only thing was I wasn't green :) Those are our costumes for Halloween. Bill will be Bacon. yea I know... cute. Together we are Bacon and Eggs :)

Now to sell off the Dog stuff we still have, and start saving for christmas. I'm hoping to visit Katy in New Mexico for Thanksgiving but still waiting to hear about her work schedule. I'm gonna start on my book. Continue to look for work and volunteer at the school. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Swine Flu?! Oh yea that... We got it too

Well, Here I thought we'd be able to miss this whole Swine flu thing. Well, not so much. Mikey shows up with Swine Flu, Friday night, Yea I know.... I sent him to school with a cough... that's it.. no fever, nothing, just a little cough. Well, he comes home from school and just sits on the couch. Not talking, not moving, looking miserable. I go check on him and he is burning up. I check his temp... 101.4 I send him with Bill to the Dr.'s office right away. I'm thinking we'll still get a date. It's just a cold. No biggie right... NOT so Much. I get a call from Bill. Poor thing has H1N1... So they get his cough medicine and are sent home. And I'm told that he can't return to school for a week. R U kidding me... Well, okay. No date night. No enjoying the beautiful fall weather on Saturday... And no going to church on Sunday to find out who the new Bishop is. I'm still home with Mikey, who by the way as of Sunday... has no fever at all. barely a cough... I would love to send him to school on Monday... He seems fine. But Bill informs me that the CDC says that he has to stay out of school a full week. Ugh.... So this week, No volunteering at the school. No Cubs... I'm hoping I can go Visiting teaching... I'll leave Mikey at home. This stinks... I'm praying and hoping the other two don't come down with it. As the coming saturday is Halloween... and it would totally stink if they had the H1N1 on Halloween. I'm becoming a little psychotic about washing their hands... but it's the best defense against it. oh well, Do I go shopping for costumes yet? or wait. I guess that is the question. Do I also buy candy for Halloween? I'd hate to get stuck with all that stuff... Hmmmm What to do......

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

plugging along

Well, we are plugging along, we went to the Zoo last week, it was very nice, but cold outside, I feel like I live in the Dr.'s office these days, Bryen has had a skin infection on his eye... celulitus of the eye.. (sp?) He had to get an IV for heavy duty medication, and we had to go back three times for doses. Braeden hurt his arm on the playground and needed X-Rays. (he's fine nothing broken just bruised). And then today, Bryen got hurt playing wall ball at school with his friends. He's fine, just a little bruising on his arm... He'll go back to school tomorrow. Mikey is the only one so far that hasn't needed any medical attention in the last two weeks. (Cross my fingers it stays that way) I hope they stop getting sick and hurting themselves. I'm running out of Flexben. i need it to last til the end of the year, with Bill and Bryen's meds. We are in the process of selling our house in WV. It's getting appraised this week, and then it will be listed. We have decided to short sell our house. The current renters are looking into purchasing the house. :) I hope they can. It would be awesome. Bill is doing well, He and I both need to exercise more... we're working on it. Joi is going to be going back to the breader within the next two weeks. We have tried to train her and she just isn't doing well. We have decided to not have another dog for a while. We need a break. We still have our cat. He's doing well. I finally got a calling at church on sunday... I'm now a Cub Scout Den Leader - Wolf's :) yeah. I'm excited and overwhelmed at the same time. this is a great Cub Scout Program. I hope I can do it justice. We will only have 2 boys in my den for most of next year and the rest of this year. But hopefully it will grow after that. We are going to be traveling back to WV for Christmas, We are looking at driving ( I Know crazy huh:?) Well, it's too expensive to fly. I hope the weather cooperates with our drive... I don't want to get stuck in Wyoming or Colorado. Depending on which way we travel. i'm hoping i can visit with some family for thanksgiving. Either my cousins if they arn't going home from BYU, or visit with my sister in NM. I haven't spent a thanksgiving with my family in 11 years. I think its time. We had a great Conference weekend. We drove around and listened to Conference on the Radio. it was really nice. WE stopped in Park City and walked around in between sessions. On our way home we found an AWESOME authentic NY Pizza joint in Sugar Hill. It's awesome Este's is the BEST... outside of NY that is. Great atmosphere too. I've been canning somemore too ... I helped can about 14 dozen jars of applesauce. I got to take home 5 dozen :) The boys like all the canning and stuff I've been doing here. It's been really nice to learn new things and have the time to learn them. I am still missing my friends in WV, Helen, Jovan, Carolyn Hall, Erin Whitcome, Janea Barnes.... just to name a few. I'm trying to make friends, but everyone here seems really busy and already have friends or family close by so I'm kindof not fitting in very well. When we went to the Zoo, we ran into one of our friends we made in Indiana... The Blanchards (Doug and Debbie)... They are awesome people, unfortunately they live down in Spanish Fork, about 1.5 hrs away. :( I hope we can visit with them soon. I'm still looking for work, and collecting unemployement... but i'm not in too big a hurry to actually get another job. I am trying to enjoy being home and available for my family. And since I don't have a degree yet... I'm pretty sure it will be a long while coming finding a job. Even though I have a TON of experience. I don't have a degree so I've been told that due to the lack of education, I'm no longer a candidate. oh well, that has to wait too. :) Bill is loving working from home and we are enjoying him being home. :) i hope he keeps his job. He just got his 10 year award from work. :) It's hard to believe he's been with AOL that long. thru all their ups and downs. :) I hope we can continue to work with them. We love them and think they are an awesome company to work for. I really enjoyed working there too. :) Well that's what's going on here. plugging along and staying strong :)