Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Far

Well, lately it's been interesting trying to get into a schedule with the kids. We started chore lists this week. Some days are successful others a flop. The boys had Cub Day camp on Tuesday which they absolutely loved.. We found a theatre that has dollar movies on Wednesdays in the AM for charity. The boys have started making new friends, and are enjoying the multiple parks around our house. It has started getting hot here. So staying hydrated and covered with sunscreen are our priorities. For Fathers Day Bill wanted to go to Antelope Island and explore, so we drove there after lunch and church. It was a nice day. We saw Bison and antelope, and put our feet into the Salt Lake, It was yucky... But we did it anyways. It was really low when we went. Bugs were everywhere. and the brine shrimp were smelly... Other than that it was nice. We posted a few pictures to our facebook accounts. We are in a great ward. We are starting to get to know a few people. but it's hard breaking into a new area. So far so good.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A new day

So here we are... Our first Sunday in our new ward. It was very nice. We met alot of people. I can't remember everyone but luckily we have a map as to where every one lives. Our ward consists of 3 streets. Crazy huh?! It is kind of neat. Some one handed Bill another ward list and then people preceded to point out which house was theirs. So we have a name, a house and a map. I still can't remember who everyone was that came up to us. I'll get it over time I'm sure. I'm grateful to be so close to so many members. I remember back to my days when I lived in Provo and our apartment complex had three wards during the school year and two during the summer terms. It was great being so close to everyone. I hope it will be as fun as it was then. Just with less transition. We have I think like 1 part-member family in the entire ward... and maybe even one non member family. It's definitely different. It is a great opportunity to be surrounded by so many members. We are looking forward to also being so close to the temples. We can go at least once or twice a week. (that's my plan anyways). Bill needs to still apply to Weber State for the fall semester, before it's too late. We need to register the kids in school here, and figure out what summer programs there are here so the kids have stuff to do during the day while Bill is working from home. Our ward has primary/Relief Society/Priesthood first, then Sunday school, and finally Sacrament meeting. I like it better that way so that we have no excuse to miss the sacrament. The kids really had fun in Primary too. It is going to be a great ward. WE are so excited to be here and for these experiences. We have been so blessed. It's amazing how far we've come in a year. This time last year we were gearing up for Bill surgery and I was worried about our future. I'm grateful for the blessings the Lord has showered upon us. All in his due time.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a rollercoaster... is it time to get off yet?

ok, ok, i know it's been a while since I've posted last. Possibly over a month... so lets see what I can fill you guys in on what's been going on here. Lets see...

About a month ago my friend Jovan Hernandez had a baby girl... She is perfect. I was able to be there at the delivery and help her thru it... it was an amazing experience. Her name is Ava-Miley. She weighed 6 lbs. and 1 oz... a week later they moved into our home as we were getting ready to move out. They moved in May 20th... We didn't leave the house until June 4th and WV until June 6th... Busy busy house. We worked together as best we could and I don't think it was too bad. We all survived. We stayed the last two days with my in-laws at their house so they could spend more time with the boys before we left.

The boys finished school and are doing well. Bryen has now been diagnosed with ADHD and Bi-Polar. What fun!!! more meds and doctor visits for that. But is seeming to do much better off the Anti-depression meds he had been on since Dec. He's now on a ADHD med and Bi-polar med that are making it easier to handle him. We'll see how long that lasts. I need to still schedule him with a Therapist and Psychiatrist here in Kaysville or close by. Braeden is doing well and got a principle's award. Mikey graduated from Kindergarten.... All are looking forward to their new school year and their new school.

Bill's job allowed him to work from home full-time. Yeah!!! He was able to order new equipment and have it shipped out here to UT. He has off until June 15th then starts working here at home full-time. YEAH... I just now need to get him a nice desk and chair since he'll be doing alot of time in the basement. He is enjoying the time away from work, even though it was a tough move in 3 days here to Utah.

Oh the move... you want to hear about our move... ok, let's see. We packed the truck on June 4th with some help from the missionaries and brother Hall for about an hour... Then Vinney Hernandez and Us finished loading the truck... oh yea did I mention... IN THE RAIN?! yes it was rainy when we loaded the truck... what fun that was. Then we left it in the drive way while we went over to my in-laws and slept there. While there we tried to rest on June 5th but had alot to finish and do before we could leave. My brakes needed checked out (since we were going a long distance and over mountains). WE had to make sure we had everything from the house. Get Joi groomed(so she didn't stink on the trip). Drop off our bed to my brother who bought it from us... He was sleeping with his new wife on a twin bed... they needed it really bad. tried to see some friends before I left(didn't really work out :(, ) Then when we got home from running around like a chicken with it's head cut off... Bill's parents wanted to go to a movie with everyone before we left. So we saw UP... It is such a cute movie... I want to own that one. We get home around 9:30 10:00pm... then have to make sandwiches for the trip since we were limited on funds... and pull together all of the stuff the boys had pulled out of the suitcases and run laundry... we didn't go to bed until 1:30am.. We were to leave by 8:00am... didn't happen... We needed to say goodbye to Bill's parents... then my mom called and came over we didn't leave my in-laws until 10:30ish... then Bill remembered we didn't have the hand truck for the appliances.. that we rented so we had to pick that up from Jovan and Vinney's house. By the time we got there... Sock's the cat pooped in his kennel and it needed cleaned out (it's only a 15 min ride there). So we cleaned the kennel, Got the hand truck and thought we were ready to go... Bill left the cat out in the cab of the truck... not 5 min on the road... the cat climbed on Bill's lap and pee'd on him. LOL... right... it's just funny... Bill was upset... but it was funny.... :) so we pull over on the side of the road, get Sock's in his kennel, and Bill changes his clothes in the back of the moving truck, all the while, people stopping to see if I need help... One guy stopped by and asked if we had any cigarettes. We said no and he went on... funny right... So finally we get back on the road. We are heading out of town.... we have to pull over several times to either let the boys go pee or the dog go pee.... The truck went only like 35 mph up the mountains in WV.. so it took us 16 hrs to go from Martinsburg WV to Decatur IL... That was our day 1... we got in VERY LATE... luckily we crossed over in to the Central Time Zone so it was like 2am instead of 3am... again we wanted to get a early start on the day... didn't happen...we get in... I can't keep my eyes open.. Luckily my mom called at the right time and talked to me until I got to the hotel. It was sooo hard. I am so grateful for my mom and her inspiration.... All the while my youngest sister is in the hospital having a baby in TX... So my mom was on the phone with her and me on and off during the trip. So in the morning we're up by 8am... so we can get going... we get down to breakfast so we can eat before we go... that takes about an hr with the boys. Then Bill want's to print out the directions for the next leg of the trip.. .we clean out the car, feed the animals and have them go potty... We don't leave again until around 11amCST. sigh... deep breath... nothing I can do about it. We arn't on the road more than 4 min when the boys and the dog are having to go to the bathroom. We pull over and let them go... the dog pee's a little then wants to play... the boys piddle a little and want to play... I'm exhausted... So Bill and I get in a little tiff about not stopping every time someone says they have to go potty or the dog whines (which is her way of saying she has to go). And we need to get on the road.. Mind you I'm following Bill's Yellow Penskie Moving truck... Going soooo ssssllloooowww... I'm even more tired I just want to get it over with... So While I'm waiting for him to take his time getting ready to go... I leave and get on the road... I get a call and he tells me that I'm not being a team player and how dare I leave without hime... I am so at the end of my rope... So I pull over and wait for him.. another 5min or so... then pull in right behind him. We finally pull off and I drink some 5 hr energy drink... yucky stuff... but it worked. I was able to stay awake... much better. We finally pull into North Platte, Nebraska from Decatur, Illinois... It was another long long long trip... Nebraska is never ending... trying to out run tornadoes and thunder storms... the kids were freaking out with all the tornadoe warnings and watches on the radio... what fun... we out run luckily the tornado stuff and things start clearing up... we get in LATE... like at 1 or 2 am again... they ask if we want a later check out I told them no that we had to get back on the road and make it to UT... We missed breakfast... but we got out of there by 1030am.. then stopped at sonic for breakfast... then got back on the road to finish driving thru Nebraska and Wyoming....and finally Utah. We got in here after a LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG drive in the dark on whindy, construction thin roads from 80 to 84 to 89 in Utah... We went about 35 up mountains... Hit snow in Wyoming at 8945 feet elevation. Rain and threats of hail... what a trip. We got in around 3am Mountain Time. FINALLY EXHAUSTED... we made it... We fell asleep and that's all we could do... We got up around 7am to try to unload the truck... we went and got breakfast at McDonalds and then came back and started unpacking the truck... We got about half way done when neighbors started showing up around 12ish, 1230.. They helped and finished it getting unpacked in like 30 more than an hr... Amazing... We met several people from our new ward, which by the way is like 5 blocks.. Our church building is 7 blocks from our house... All of our neighbors are members except for a few that are inactive or non-members. I can't wait to meet them. The boys had Cub scouts 5 houses down... Choir practice on Sundays is a few doors down the street... I'm still amazed. They are full bore in to scouting here. They meet on tuesday mornings during the summer and have lots of fun things planned for the boys. Bryen's Class in the Bears has 10 boys in it... Braeden has several boys in his too... They've already made friends. YEAH!!! We are 2 blocks from a cool park and 7 blocks from a botanicals garden with fishing. (it's across from the ward building). We've started unpacking and I'm at a standstill until I can pick up some more furniture.(As we got rid of everything except a couch and the boys beds. I was able to find the Deseret Industries (DI) Thrift store and got a kitchen table with a leaf for $12. and a Baker's rack or $8. Still need chairs and other things. but it's a start. We are finding our way around pretty good. We have received about 7 ward lists from people coming by to visit. If it will stop raining I can actually walk the neighborhood and walking path right by my house with Joi. We have a great yard and awesome view.. I'll post pictures soon. That was our "fun" trip (term used lightly). We have been blessed with safety and peace. We'll keep you posted on our life here in Kaysville, UT... if your ever in the area... look us up and stop by for a visit. Miss everyone in Martinsburg and VA. All our best.