Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Catch up

Well, a lot has happened since I turned 34. I went and spent 3 weeks visiting family in Texas from the end of July to the middle of August. It felt like it was too little time, and too quick. I got back in time to get the boys ready for school, I had 1 week before their school started.  Then I finished up my Associates program through University of Phoenix and I'm now officially a college graduate! I also started my Bachelor program through the University of Phoenix. Time is flying by. And in the mean time I'm working on schooling, the kids are in school, and I started working part-time. As I have been trying to keep up, I've been a little crazy. Bill and I are still Sunbeam teachers at church, and are about to get another calling on top everything else. My head spins sometimes, but that's good, because it hasn't killed me yet! :) The boys are busy busy busy with their scouting advancements and schedules. That right now between their school and scouting, I just don't have the time to add any other extra-curricular activities to our family schedule.

I know it sounds a little crazy to be so busy, but we work really hard to have time with the family, even with our crazy schedules.

I am so grateful for everything that the Lord has blessed me with! We are so blessed to be busy, have jobs, and to support our selves. I am grateful for the ability to juggle many things, and stay sane. I don't get many breaks, but today I had one. I watch two little boys one day a week. They were supposed to come today, but their dad is home today until their mom gets home from work, so I didn't watch them today. This freed me up to write on my family blog a little. Also, I have some great recipes on my cooking blog if you'd like to check them out.

Bill and I are getting ready to start a juice fast. Juicing fruits and veggies to help repair our bodies. We have both gained excessive weight and are trying to take it off, and get healthy in the process. We will probably start the juice fast within the next few weeks. What got us to do this juice fast is watching the netflix documentary called "fat, sick and nearly dead" it's an eye opener. check it out.

Well, until next time. Enjoy your day and may God Bless you!