Monday, February 28, 2011

Another catchup

Boy have we been busy!!! The boys have started going to the charter school near our house. A charter school is a public school, that has a lottery to have students enroll. Also, a charter school has smaller class sizes, uniforms, and a more individual approach to each child's education. Bill and I are so excited about the charter school. The boys love it there, even though they miss their friends at the school by our house. We feel that this is the best move for our children. They will be able to attend all the way through junior high/middle school. That way they will have consistency even if or when we move. Another bonus is that they highly encourage parental involvement. We are required to volunteer 4 hours a month. Not so hard. But they encourage more. So of course... I volunteer way more... I love helping in the library and in the kids classrooms. I also am trying to get everything I need to help substitute at the school. The librarian really could use a reliable substitute and since when I was in Davis County at Columbia Elementary and was trained on the library software there. It is the same system they have at this school. So, I'm someone she can call and doesn't need to worry about them being trained on the system. I just need to complete fingerprinting and then I'm ready to substitute. Another bonus for substituting is that they pay more for subs at the charter school then they do at the district.
I have been still going to school. I have one more term left to finish after the one I'm currently in before I graduate with my Associates Degree. I'm so excited! I'm really enjoying it.
Bill has been working hard and doing well at work. The boys are thriving and enjoying all the snow and sunshine we've been having here. We seem to have lots of days with sunshine even if the weather had been snowy one or two days. We really enjoy it. We haven't been skiing or sledding or tubing but we enjoy throwing snow balls and building forts out of the snow. :)
Coming up, James will be turning 8 and getting baptized. Bill's parents will be coming out for a visit, Spring break, and I'm even thinking of having Bryen join a city soccer team. Other than that I'm cooking up a storm. Staying busy and enjoying being a stay-at-home mom.