Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another whirlwind of a summer

I can hardly believe that summer is over and school has officially started in my house. It has been full of excitement and turmoil, summer that is. I am working towards a couple of my goals, finishing school, and not going crazy... Not sure how either is going at this point. but taking one day at a time.

Summer started off pretty good. The kids were making friends in our new neighborhood, and we had a couple of fun vacations scheduled. Our first vacation was scheduled for the second week in June with Bill's parents and his brother Matt. We were going to the Grand Canyon. It was a 10 visit by his parents and his brother. We stayed 4 days in AZ and saw The Grand Canyon and went down to Sedona, AZ. What a beautiful country we live in! It was a pleasant trip. Then the boys had a Father and Son campout with our ward. They had a lot of fun, and I went a little crazy cause I didn't know what to do with myself while they were out having fun. Then three days later we headed off to Texas. For a three week trip. The boys and I drove from Utah to Texas. We went to help my youngest sister with her wedding. It was a crazy trip to texas, I had wanted to visit and see so many of my cousins, but didn't see hardly any of them. Which was a bummer, I did however, get to see my grandma and several of my aunts and uncles. My sister was beautiful. While at her reception, my son Braeden passed out from heat exhaustion. Luckily, Shane was there and was able to bring him around, before the paramedics came. We are so blessed to have so many talented and qualified family members. We went home exhausted and grateful for family. A week after we got home from our trip to Texas, I started school again. I'm still passing my classes, but it's a very challenging semester.

About 2 weeks ago, My oldest was struggling, and started to self mutilating during church. We took him home and tried to help him through his issues, which he wouldn't talk about. He seemed to get better, so we hoped it was a one time thing. Then on monday, the routine was back in and chores needed done so they could go play and enjoy their summer, back at home. Bryen lost his privilege to play his PSP. He quietly put it down and then went into the kitchen and then upstairs. On his way upstairs I felt impressed to ask him what he did in the kitchen, He was only in the kitchen a very short time. I asked him what he got in the kitchen. First thinking it was food, and he needed to eat it in the kitchen not upstairs. Then quickly realized it was far worse than food. He had taken one of my sharp kitchen knives and was going upstairs with it. I asked him what it was for. and very calmly he said, "to kill myself." OMG!!! WHAT!? YEah, that's what he said. I asked him to bring me the knife, and had him sit next to me on the couch, I called my insurance to find out what coverage we had for his mental issues, and then they said to take him to the ER. He didn't hurt himself, but was so ready to. We were at the hospital for 9 hours, and then he was transferred to a psychiatric in-patient facility for children. He was there for 7 days, they changed up some of his medicine, he's Bi-Polar, and was on ADHD meds, He is now on an antipsychotic medication and no longer on his ADHD medicine. My mother-in-law came out to "help" us with the situation with Bryen. I don't know if that was the right course for her to come out. But, she was here for 2 weeks. She went home today. Today was also the boys first day of school. So, needless to say, i'm still trying to recover from a hectic and crazy summer. Bryen is doing better, we are keeping a close eye on him. Not sure if normalcy is possible anymore, so we are taking one day at a time. Trying to create a new norm, hopefully one that is good for all of us. My schooling is going ok. Not as good as before, but trying to keep up on it. Some assignments are late, but My brain has been kind of fried. Well, that's been a brief summary of our summer. hopefully, this school year will bring better days, and better things. i hope you guys are having a GREAT summer and beginning of school year.