Saturday, December 5, 2009

Recent Developments

Well, here's the latest on the Clark Clan. I'm still looking for work... nothing even promising on the hunt. I'm going to be starting school in January online. Yeah me! I should be finished with my associates by May of 2011. I'm going to school for an associates as a Medical Administrator. It's a start.

Bill is getting his resume ready. We are trying to be prepared, if he is laid off next year. His department said they need to get rid of 50% of their workforce in the US so we're trying to be hopeful he'll keep his job, but not sure. We'll be sending it out this week to lots of places... So if you know anyone looking for an amazing Senior Unix System Administrator. Let us know. We're entertaining all options right now. Not that he wants to quit. He loves his job. He loves working for Aol. but there is only so long you can avoid getting laid off. He's been there for 10 years +, and has been thru several (like 20) layoffs. He's riding his bike a lot these days and loves it. He's itching to go play paintball with the boys. Maybe when we go to WV they'll get to play.

Bryen, Braeden and Mikey are doing very well in school. They love it here. Mikey has to wear a patch over his left eye to help the right eye get stronger. It may take 6 months + to help it but we'll check it in 3 months to be sure it's working. Or he'll need to get surgery. Other than that they are all healthy and doing well. :) What a blessing.

We are loving living in Utah. We're enjoying our church callings and loving our ward family here. Last night we made chocolate covered pretzel sticks with caramel and chocolate with sprinkles on some. They are yummy. We're enjoying the snow we've been getting periodically. Today we're getting a good one. The grass is completely covered and so is the road and sidewalks.

We're hoping for good weather on our journey back to WV for Christmas Break. We'd like to make it 3 days, but not sure with the weather outlook. It may take us longer since the midwest is looking at lots of snow over the next several days. I just hope I can leave the house clean and laundry done. That will be a feat in and of it's self.

Well that's the update on all of us here. May you all have a wonderful Christmas. Remember the reason for the Season. Our Lord and Savior's Birth :) Merry Christmas!