Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break

Here we are chilling in California! Trying to figure out what we're gonna do in Los Angeles, as we have spent two days in LegoLand. Now that we're almost all sunburned, we'd like to spend a day not in too much sun. We are talking about going to the Los Angeles Temple and seeing the new visitors center. It's a way cool temple. I also would like to see the San Diego Temple, it's my favorite one! I have been making dinner in the crock pot every day, breakfast of cereal, english muffins, pancakes with bacon and eggs, cinnamon raisin bread and lunches are sandwiches with carrots and chips. Not a bad trip. We are having a blast spending time with Bill's parents, and the kids. I'll be adding pictures to my photo gallery on .mac soon. So, keep an eye out for the link.

Monday, April 11, 2011


We are here on Spring Break and enjoying time with family. Mikey was also baptized this last weekend. Grandma and Grandpa Clark came out to be apart of it! It was so great to have a little family share in that special ordinance. We are in Oceanside, CA for spring break. Lego Land for several days, a day at the beach and a day in Los Angeles, then back home. It will be so much fun, It is so beautiful here, and sunny. It's a nice change from all the snow we've had the last several days. Unfortunately, I still get to do school work while we are out having fun, but at least I have the flexibility to do both at the same time. I have one assignment in early, and I'm going to try to finish those up. Here's hoping for a nice, fun, safe spring break here in California with the In-laws. Wishing we could spend time with more family. Looking forward to our summer vacation, seeing more and more family and friends.