Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time for a change again... and then some....

Hmmm. Now where to begin... I can't believe it's been so long since I've written. I guess after I got a job things have been kind of crazy. Well, I no longer have a job and we've move AGAIN... I know it's been a whirlwind of a time to say the least.

Let me back track a little. So we moved last year... that was my last post. Well, while we were there the kids started a new school after that school year was over. They started going to the local public school from the public charter school, where they had been attending. During the summer between that we traded in both vehicles. The boys had out grown our vehicles. I had to upgrade to a minivan. Those boys have LONG Legs. With my over 6ft older boys it was crazy.  After they started school at the new public school by our new home I gave in to the idea of working for the school. I applied and was hired at the first part of September 2012 as a Teachers Aid. I Loved it! It was the best job and perfect with the kids. While working that job I also volunteered and started after school tutoring for 5th and 6th grade math. It started out every day of the school week, then eventually turned into three days a week. Due to demand not being very high. I saw such great improvement in those kids I was tutoring. It was a very fulfilling opportunity.

Bill and I around October of 2012, started feeling like we needed to move back to West Virginia/Virginia area. We tried to ignore the feelings but they kept getting stronger. We tried justifying things and to appease these feelings we decided at the last minute to drive to WV to visit with family for christmas. When we came for our visit for Christmas, we were certain we would be moving back. We planned after we got home to move in June 2013 when our contract on our rental was over. Bill would talk to his job and try to work from home. That was what we originally thought we would do. Bill talked to his company when we got back from vacation and they seemed amenable with the thought of him working from home but due to the nature of their business they would have to talk to their Legal department to find out the legalities of it all. So, they asked us to wait until Feb. 15 before we did anything else. That would give them a month and a half to figure things out. We agreed we would give them the time. So half way through January my Mother-in-law mentioned she was going in for surgery in February and might need some help. She was nervous since she'd had several surgeries and would be under General. We were also concerned for her health. So we decided I would spend 3 weeks with her in WV to help her with her recovery and help around their house. All the while knowing that we were planning on moving back in June.

While I was helping with my Mother-in-law recover from surgery in WV, Bill and the boys were in Utah. It was so hard on our family being so far apart. I tried to stay busy to keep myself from being too depressed. Bill was crazy busy at work and with the kids that we didn't talk much. That made things hard too. So about a week after my Mother-in-laws surgery Bill got word that his company would allow him to work from home if he became an independent contractor setting up a shell company in Utah and then his real company in what ever state we chose to live in. He would be in charge of all of his taxes, health insurance and everything. His job was stressful enough without the added stress of adding all that on top of it. We made the decision to look for a different job. (that was a Wednesday night late) The next day, Thursday, Bill was checking his Facebook acct. One of his friends mentioned a job in VA at his old company of AOL that they were looking for someone like him, willing to relocate. He contacted that person right away and started the process. He was called later that day and was asked to set up a phone interview with their HR dept for Friday. He agreed. Friday after his interview with HR, they asked him to interview on the following Monday with a team looking at his resume via Skype. It was to be a 3 hour interview. We were flabbergasted at how fast all of this was happening. We didn't realize we wouldn't need 4 months to find a job. Bill had his interview with that team and thought it would be a great opportunity and was trying not to get his hopes up. He was contacted Tuesday and was told they LOVED him. They briefly talked salary and start date. They wanted him to start March 15th or 22nd! They said there was still paperwork and background checks he had to do, but that they really liked him and thought he would be perfect for this position.  He accepted the offer and told them he could start March 22. That was less than a month later! So, we had to break our contract on our rental property, he had to give his 2 weeks notice. I wasn't even home. I couldn't pack. We talked to his parents and they said we should move in with them and save money so we could buy a house instead of renting. We prayed about it and decided we would. So I started fixing up and rearranging my In-laws house getting it ready for our family of 5 to move in. I ripped up carpet, panted, moved furniture, cleaned out closets and what ever else needed to make this work. I had 2 weeks til I was to head home to Utah. So I became a busy bee and got busy. Bill gave his two week notice once he got the official offer paperwork. When I got home Feb. 28, Bill had already gotten his official offer paperwork and had given his two week notice.  I had blue and gold banquet that night. All I wanted to do was spend time with my family. But didn't.

We decided the cheapest and most effective way to move would be to only take what was essential. Since my in-laws had a fully furnished house we didn't need any furniture, and there was no point in moving our stuff and keeping it in storage. So, Saturday after I got back we started selling our stuff,... and I don't mean just a few things, I mean EVERYTHING. TV, Deep freeze, couch, knick knacks, clothing, beds what ever we could sell. We sold most of our furniture Saturday. We took several loads to donations at the local Deseret Industries. We were emptying our house and would only take what we couldn't replace or what we felt we could fit into our vehicles. Yes, we only brought with us what fit in our vehicles. A mini cooper S, and a Dodge Grand Caravan. We brought three kids, a cat and two cars filled up to West Virginia. We arrived March 14. In 14 days more or less I packed and drove to WV. It took us 4 days to get to WV.

Bill started his new job March 25. He loves his new job, is not as stressed about what he does and what's expected of him. The kids started a new school again, and I'm still a stay at home mom. I cook and clean and take care of the kids. Still waiting on the first paycheck from AOL. That's the hardest part right now. Having to rely on my in-laws to sustain us until we can support ourselves. It's a strange feeling. From being self sufficient to being reliant on others. Very humbling experience. We are following where the Lord is sending us. For reasons we do not know, but are grateful for the blessings he has wrought in our lives. We are all safe, loved and blessed.

I am grateful for the blessings staying close to my Savior has brought to my life. I am grateful and blessed to know that he cares about me and my family. He hears my prayers and answers them. There is difficulty in life, but it eases when we share the load with our Savior and Lord. Through prayer and sacrifice I have drawn closer to him in recent days and months. All I have and all I am is because of him. I am truly blessed. May God Bless and keep you safe until next time. :) Love shae :)